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The heist had begun after one of Kahn's doppelgangers used the appearance of the high elf while adorning the latter's clothes that they took from the noble elf's mansion when they infiltrated it under the cover of night.

Meanwhile, they had already portrayed his character perfectly while the metamorphosis ability completely hid Kahn's existence as a fake. The real Kahn on the other hand was following the doppelganger through the True Dimension ever since they entered the bank.

This allowed them a perfect opportunity with no forceful entry and finally, Kahn had successfully infiltrated one of the most secure places in Alfheim easily.

A few hours had passed since Kahn, Ronin and Assassin subordinates from the Legion army had successfully taken control over this floor.

First, using Earth Sense skill… they removed all modes of alarm systems, detection barriers, recording devices and decommissioned the guards silently. No one outside this underground floor even knew that their most secure place was currently going through a heist.

Kahn then threatened the workers to keep working in the mint and carry till they received an order from him.

During this process, Kahn and Ronin had modulated their voice and their completely cloaked and well-covered figure didn't reveal their faces or even their species. One couldn't even tell if the enemies were humans or elves or any humanoid hybrids.

There were new entries and guards came as part of their shifts but their group easily neutralized them and forced them to respond that everything was alright in the mint.

In the meantime, Kahn received his aura as a semi-saint to these people and acted like a tyrant by beating some guards from time to time so no one would get any 'funny' ideas.

Unlike the denominations of other empires Kahn had been to so far… Itikar also had invisible runes and mana signatures hidden in them similar to how Serial Numbers worked on notes to check the legitimacy of the notes. So it took longer than expected.

There was already an enormous amount of hard cash stored and within 24 hours, they minted and 'runed' the desirable amount.

All of this wealth was unregistered in the system and was to be circulated in the economy soon.

But this legitimate money wasn't part of the system yet and Kahn didn't steal anything else from the locked chambers and lockers because he didn't want to make an enemy of the big guns of the empire who'd come after him for their precious belongings.

Finally, he made everyone faint using war dominance, amplifying his aura and then pulled everything inside his Dimensional Domain with just a single tap of his foot.

Later, Kahn dressed as one of the guards and left the bank without leaving a trail. This way, even if the bank brought in some Space Magic expert, they wouldn't be able to track him furthermore.

Kahn felt no regret doing this heist because he wasn't actually hurting anyone innocent this way except for the corporation which minted money when the top 1% needed it while taxing the common citizens extensively to make up for the defaulted money or tax fraud committed by powerful people.

Banks worked mainly on credit instead of hard cash. Thus the money was only 200 million itikar and Kahn printed 300 million in one day, making him the owner of half a billion itikar without even working from the bottom like he had to in Rakos Empire years ago.

And since no jewelry or belongings of high-level clients kept in lockers were stolen… even the bank would be forced to keep the matter inside their close circles.

Plus the bank wouldn't announce it to the world because they'd lose all their customers if things were stolen right from their most secure treasury. Then who'd even keep a single coin in this bank?

As for the aftermath of this heist… Kahn was looking forward to it.

The Next Day…

There was utter chaos in the top management of the Mercenary Association.

The COO High Elf was arrested by the imperial authorities under the charges of aiding and abbeding a heist. Of which he had no idea of till the royal guards came into his office.

This arrest suddenly put even the President of the association and everyone managing all the departments of the association in shambles.

In the high elf's office, some of the unregistered stolen money was found and the clothes Kahn wore yesterday were also shown to be half burnt as if the obese elf had tried to erase the evidence.

As for the stolen… created money, Kahn and the gang had spent most of it yesterday for their new guild building big enough for now as well as all the supplies needed to last them for the next few months easily.

Hard cash couldn't be tracked easily if it was used for transactions before it was reported missing.

Kahn in his Legolas appearance himself had come to witness this arrest as one of the attendees in the main hall.

He felt no regret in using this fat elf noble as a scapegoat for the job because they had investigated his history beforehand.

Thanks to good ol' Nepotism, this high elf got his position only because he was the current President's nephew and thus got the job despite not having the skills and brains for it.

In the Elven Empire, a High Elf who never even held a weapon in their entire life could be named as the General of the Military just because of their lineage even if there were hundred war veterans with experience and wits for it.

Sexual harassment of the female employees, even forcefully making employees to serve in his private affairs that had nothing to with the association business, money embezzlement, favoring his partnered guilds as well intentionally causing the downfall of many mercenary groups and envoys to make them submit to his allies… he had done it all.

He always dumped all the work on his associates, Logan Vargr being one of them; while living leisurely as he only ate like a pig and enjoyed the pleasures of life.

But no one had raised a voice because of how things worked in Zivot Empire where High Elves reigned supreme.

Even now, due to lack of evidence, he'd get to leave the custody soon with a slap on the wrist since he was part of High Noble lineage.

But he'd have to leave the position to make a display of faith to the bank. And with him gone, there'd be a struggle for the vacant position.

As for the politics and struggle for power that was to come…

Kahn had no interest in it because now, he had solved their financial problems for now.

And the next objective being the top of the list.

Establishing the 'Misthios' guild.