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A serene environment filled with lush greenery and strong winds was currently covered under the pristine white as the two bright moons spread their tranquility in the atmosphere.

At the very center of the capital, was the residence area of the imperial family which had many mansions and palaces that were the most secure places in the entire Zivot Empire.

One of such palaces was a familiar site where the Hero's Party had their meeting very recently. This white and yellow palace was one of the most beautiful buildings that represented the epitome of elven architecture, filled with 4 tall towers that touched the sky and looked down upon all the other constructs in peripheral view.

"Mmmhhh… You're being so rough today."

A feminine voice of a naked elven woman with fully developed physical features that would allure any male regardless of race or species resounded inside a heavily guarded room at the top of one of those four towers.

"What can I do… you're looking too beautiful today." spoke a slim figure who was clinging to this elven woman from behind as their naked bodies were clinging to each other.

"Oh, my love… it's you who makes me this way." responded the elven woman as she looked behind.

Two individuals had their hot breaths colliding against each and finally locked their lips. The other being behind this female elf belonging to the same gender.

Their salivating tongues twirled around each other's as the latter's hands ran amok the big and plump mountains on the chests of the former as she started caressing them gently and playing with those curves as she grabbed and squeezed them.

"Ohhh yeah!" the more endowed elf woman slightly moaned.

"Ahh!" she let out a grunt as the other woman licked and then playfully bit the former's earlobe.

"He he! I know all of your weak spots." said the other woman.

"Give it to me… Eleanor." said the woman being pleased.

The other elven woman indulging in the act of 'Elopement' was none other than the princess of the elven empire.

"You asked for it Myrienne. Don't regret it later." said the princess as she teased the elven woman who was being played with.

If one could recognize the other woman, they'd instantly remember her as one of the female members of the Hero's Party who was also present at the recent tea party.

Eleanor revealed a mischievous expression and tightened her grip and pinched the pink resin on Myrienne's mountainous melons.

"Oh yeeeaahh!!" moaned the recipient but quickly, her mouth was filled with two fingers of the princess as Eleanor then bit her neck, leaving a hickey.

Myrienne muffled under this pain, yet her expression was that of relishing as she enjoyed this pain.



Both elven women had their bodies turned hot and a red tinge appeared on their cheeks.


Another session of intense kissing started as they played around with each other's tongues and bosoms at the same time.

10 Minutes Later…

"Remember, your body belongs to me." said Eleanor and put on a lubricated black strap-on over her nether region.

Myrienne on the other had a flushed yet expectant gaze as if he greatly yearned for something.

The princess then let out a lascivious gaze, her eyes filled with lust as if she was a predator who wanted to devour this woman in front of her.

"Be patient. If you want it… you'll have to beg for it." said the princess and widened Myrienne's hips, going down on the latter's sacred monastery.


Oh my God!" moaned Myrienne as Eleanor stretched the former's estate and ran her wet tongue across the bodacious elven woman's Grand Canyon.


"Aaaahhh!" Grunted Myrienne as Eleanor wantonly licked and sucked her round 'holy spot', showing no restraint.

Myrienne had a flushed expression and red tinge on her face as he enjoyed one of the most fundamental desires of living beings.

Finally after a dozen minutes, she was left catching for breath as Eleanor had invaded and conquered the territory.

"I can't wait any longer… do me! Ravage me, princess!" exclaimed Myrienne as she was aroused to her peak.

Eleanor grabbed her chin and kissed her again, devilishly biting the tip of Myrienne's tongue. Instead of feeling pain, the latter received another rush of dopamine and started breathing heavily.

"Do it like you always do." commended Eleanor with an evil grin.

"Myrienne wants Lady Eleanor's intense love!" she begged, unable to resist the temptation anymore.

This seductive voice instantly turned the princess' expression akin to a domineering woman and she pulled Myrienne closer. And finally…

The black Eiffel Tower on the strap-on invaded the great Wall of China.

"Oh god, yeessss!!

Yes, yes, don't stop!!" thumping noises of flesh banging against each other as both women went all out and started enjoying the ecstasy in their own ways.

One liked to dominate while the other preferred to be conquered.

Soon, the princess' chamber was filled with thrusting noises and the incessant sound of groans filled with joy and kissing.

15 minutes later, the positions were changed and now, Eleanor pulled Myrienne's hair from behind for some reason while the latter lay on her stomach on the bed.

In the following moments, a lot of 'Clapping' noises resounded in the room as the women continued their erogenous act.





"Owwwwweee!!" moaned Myrienne in pleasure as Eleanor rose her speed and horsepower and the consecutive attacks in the enemy's weakest opening.

"Oh yes!! Oh yes!!

I'm Cumming!" shouted Myrienne as she reached her limit.


A loud moan filled the room as a stream of fluid erupted like Niagara Falls.

The sweaty and exhausted bodies had been doing it for 2 hours already without a stop and finally reached the peak of contentment.

After half an hour of rest… Myrienne spoke with a smug grin as she looked at Eleanor.

"Now my turn."


After having their hearts filled during the sacred ritual… both the elven women wore white robes and walked out to the balcony, reveling in the beauty of the night.

"How long do we have to hide it, Eleanor?" asked Myrienne.

"I don't want to hide it either. But we have no other choice.

Given both of our heritage and the customs of our empire… they will never allow us to be together in the open." said the princess.

"That… I have come to terms with.

But I hate it when you have to look at him like that." she complained but with a cute smile.

"I do too. That halfbreed dares to think that I can be won over by flowery words and care about a trash like him." she said with a disdainful look.

"I'm close to a century older than him… how can I, princess Eleanor Sar Insalor Venric, can be tempted & won over by a mud-blood just because he's a chosen Hero?" she spoke as a scornful gaze appeared on her face.

"But what can we do?...

In our customs, females are only objects of political marriage and means to produce heirs.

The men can fuck around 100 whores and still gets to act holy and people of chivalry.

And we on the other end have to protect our chastity for our entire lives for someone who we have never met or seen before our marriages are arranged.

How can High Elves be so advanced in magic and knowledge but yet so limited in thinking?" complained Myrienne.

"It is what it is…. We have to perform our duties regardless of what we think.

Maybe I can change a few things one day." said Eleanor with a calm and determined countenance.

"My father will die within the next 30 years. After that, I will inherit the imperial throne." she declared.

"But what about him?" asked Myrienne quickly.

"'He' has been missing for 200 years now. If I'm not wrong, he's most likely dead.

Which makes me the only heir in line of succession since my uncle can't become the emperor as he discarded his claim to become the Abbot all those centuries ago." iterated the princess.

"But the Elven Emperor class and the High Kings class won't accept you as the Empress.

There has never been a female elf sitting on the Elven Throne." spoke Myrienne with a helpless expression.

"I have a way… although they want me to be close to him for the sake of binding him to the imperial family… if my plans go the way I want, I may be able to rule the empire one day." spoke Eleanor.

"How? By accepting him as your 'King Consort'?

Would you really go along with the orders from the Emperor and your uncle?" asked Myrienne, showing a dejected face.

"There are no free things, my love.

This is an equivalent exchange.

Faking my love for Ervalen and making him my pet would serve us both better in the long run.

I know that sorry excuse of a hero only likes to put up a front. Controlling him won't be a problem because I know his biggest weakness. And that is…" she revealed.

"He is starving for Love and Attention."