After facing the domineering and ginormous boss that was three times the size of Blackwall's original form and approaching them at a steady pace, the group had somber expressions.

If there was solid ground, all of them would've chosen to use their true forms and massive bodies to overpower them.

But other than Ceril, Ronin and Oliver, none of them could fly in their legendary and mythical rank forms. Thus, it would've troubled their group instead.

And now with the legendary armors and weapons in play, they decided to go all out from the start.

[System, tell me its abilities.] ordered Kahn.

[The mythical floor boss named Cthulhu has abilities such as Instant Regeneration, Impervious Defense to all elements, Absolute monarchy over Water element and a long list of aquatic skills and abilities that allows it to control the nearby 50 kilometers of the sea to attack and defend at the same time.] reported the system.

But it continued in a lifeless tone again…

[However, the Cthulhu has a very unique ability because of its physiology.] it iterated.

"What is it?"

The system then told Kahn about the unique ability.

Kahn sneered with discontent after hearing the details.

"Seriously… it's like the creators of this dungeon didn't want people to clear the dungeon at all.

This one is just too OP even as a floor boss." he spoke with an indignant expression.

"And weaknesses?"

System quickly revealed the weaknesses of the floor boss that was rapidly heading towards them.

"I see. Then I guess we have a plan." said Kahn and then devised a battle strategy in mere seconds.

"Let's go!" he commended his allies.

Blackwall in his Atlas Armor while equipping Aegis and Heracles quickly took the front of their formation.

Soon, the ginormous, to whom these intruders were even smaller than ants, decided to launch a barrage of massive water cannon-like attacks towards all of them.

Blackwall quickly activated the Iron Will skill that came with his armor and created a 50 meter wide brown barrier made of world energy.



He then used Gluttony and Royalguard skill effects from Aegis shield while facing these massive cannonballs that were no different than heavy stone boulders because of their density.

His main purpose was to absorb and build water elements resistance while defending his group.

However… his hopes didn't take long to crash down.




Right before their eyes, the dark and pouring clouds in the sky resonated with the high tides from the sea that arose whooping 100 meters under Cthulhu's control.

But right at this moment…


Oliver in his Hawkman form while donning Shu Armor and Neith Bow flew high, breaking the sound barrier consequently as he used the Jetstream skill.

As soon as he reached the troposphere of this floor. His body emanated a blue and golden aura, quickly spreading in the 10 kilometers radius as Oliver activated his Sky Domain.

The moment he assumed command of the sky, all the pouring clouds stopped while the rumbling and erratic lightning stopped.


The Cthulhu roared in rage as it detected that Oliver had hijacked this perimeter, breaking his control. In the end, it was a water elemental being, not a wind elemental creature who controlled the sky like Oliver.

The Thunderbird general had now taken away the advantage of using the storm and lightning strikes to attack the intruders.



Right then… 5 massive 500 meters long tridents made of blistering and sizzling magma came to be in Cthulhu's sight.

Because finally, Rudra was using his trident warrior skills to create these threatening weapons made of his corrosive magma and pointed them towards the incoming boss.

He had been practicing for months from an instructor and even used the 51st Floor Boss as his punching bag to test his mastery. So now, it was time to display his skills against a powerful opponent.

But suddenly, a massive 10 kilometer radius red-colored dome came into existence as soon as the boss came close to them.

Jugram activated his Hell Domain and the temperature instantly rose to 500-degree celsius. Making most of the water on Cthulhu's body and the surface of the sea evaporate at visible rate.

As a result, the floor boss' physical defenses decreased by 50% because of his domain while Oliver's Sky Domain also reduced its agility and dexterity.


However, this wasn't the end of the surprise.

Omega, who was donning the Twilight Armor and hovered on the left side, also activated his Gravity Domain, instantly pressuring the boss and halting its steps to a great degree.

He was fully capable of fighting Cthulhu on his own just like Rudra. But they were not acting out based on their instinct because of Kahn's orders.


The massive blue-bodied Cthulhu roared, sending shockwaves in the surrounding 5 kilometer radius to break free from these domains. However… how could breaking free from domains, that were created by associating laws of nature, be that easy?

Soon, the 20 kilometers of the region was covered under a visible black dome as Kahn activated Dimensional Domain, instantly reducing all of Cthulhu's physical stats and ability effects by 50%.

Armin who was wearing Nirvana Armor and had Hermes Staff in his hands put various buff effects on all of their skills and the damage output of killer moves.

"Activate it!" shouted Kahn.

Kahn's voice reverberated in the surroundings.

Without waiting for a grand reveal… all the generals and Omega let out a grin and soon, 7 different archaic formations appeared above their bodies, each containing their different colors and auras with their respective owners.

7 massive pillars rose and formed a net that spread across the 30 kilometers radius of the battlefield. And finally… 5 Dragon heads appeared and formed a Pentagram-shaped barrier around this battlefield.

All of their physical Strength Stat rose by 3 times and Mana capacity as well as skill damage output rose by 2 times under the effect of their biggest battlefield killer formation.

Just for a single floor boss… they were going to the extreme preparations as if they were fighting a chosen Hero like they fought in the Vulcan empire.


Because after hearing about Cthulhu's unique abilities the system told Kahn, he realized one thing very clearly.

All of their killer moves, overbearing domains and the powerful pendragon formation, which should be an overkill to face this Ruler of the Sea…

Were not enough.