Finally, Aragorn had a face-to-face time with his sister who was ambushed by Kahn and his allies due to the soul-oath they made with the elven prince.

One of the reasons they killed all these soldiers and saint rank royal guards was that Aragorn couldn't be seen by any of them or even his existence couldn't be known by anyone. Also, he could only confront the princess on his own. Otherwise, he'd die due to the effects of the Commandment of Severed Fate.

"You… how are you still alive?" asked Eleanor while shivering in fear.

"Shouldn't you ask if I have been well… sister?" asked Aragorn in a mischievous tone.

She was his younger sister whom he cherished and always had been helpful to since the time she was born. Yet, she was also the reason for his misery.

At the end of the day, Aragorn was the prince of the Zivot Empire, born with responsibilities and obligations as the future ruler of his people.

"As we both grew up… you know how we were forced to learn and unlock the Enchanter class and learn magic despite having no interest in it, right?" he asked with a somber expression to his sister who was riddled with wounds.

Then his gaze turned to Legolas who stood behind him.

"Ragnarsson, do you want to know what happened between me and my sister?" he asked slyly.

"I'd rather not. I'm not here by choice." spoke Legolas, showing an uninterested gaze.

"Well, let me tell you anyway." spoke Aragorn and continued…

"Other than being the prince of our empire… I am also one of the few talented people in the world who have the Dual Class.

As you already know… I'm both an Enchanter and an Alchemist." he spoke as his gaze turned to Eleanor who was frightened, trying to avert her brother's vengeful gaze.

Kahn also knew of such people and how rare they were in the world.

"I helped you when you were learning magic and needed proper guidance, I stood by you while you grew up when everyone treated you as nothing but a chess piece useful only for a political marriage.

And yet… you backstabbed me, your elder brother who blindly loved, cared for and trusted you." his voice turned heavy and his saint pressure raged wildly.


He hit his fist on the side of the metallic debris Eleanor was leaning on in her injured state.

"Why Eleanor, why?!"

But instead, Eleanor asked as she shuddered…

"How… how… how do you even remember what happened?

You should've even forgotten your own identity long ago."

Aragorn scoffed and responded in return.

"You didn't expect me to remember everything, did you?

I used one of the spells made by our ancestors to preserve the life force of our imperial clan.

I used it to force myself to sleep for a century and lose my rank to become a 5th stage saint." he iterated and explained with a stern gaze.

"But you didn't know this fact, did you?

That Father already gave me the Imperial bloodline token and taught me how to pass the trial of Commandment of Fellowship, as part of the rules set by our great-grandfather." he revealed.

"I used that information to enter the Immortal Dungeon and tried to get the aid of the Dragon Emperor, Vildred."


Eleanor was terrified as soon as she heard it.

Although she didn't know what kind of relationship they had… just the fact that Dragon Emperor who was sealed inside the Immortal Dungeon had been freed, shook her to the core.

Even Ervalen had failed to accomplish this task but her supposedly gone brother freed this world calamity.

"You… You're free?" she asked as she gazed at Vildred, the Sage.

Vildred only gave a lifeless glance at the princess and did not speak a word.

"You see… I did some inquiry.

Everyone believes that I went missing 200 years ago but in truth, it happened only 100 years ago.

My face… my identity, and even the memories they had of me have been distorted.

All of that for what?! So you could sit on the throne?!" he exclaimed in rage.

"You know very well that I wanted nothing to do with it. I'd rather live my days as an Alchemist, doing my research than rule the empire.

If you wanted it… you could've just asked for it!" he proclaimed his honest feelings.

However, Eleanor's countenance also turned furious.

"Then no one would've said that I earned it!!

And just because I'm a woman, no one would've ever truly respected me as the ruler or thought I deserved to be there!!" she rebuked.

"Then how the hell is that my fault?!

Did I ever abhor you? Did I ever say you weren't deserving? Did I ever undermine you?!

All I ever did was guide you and treat you as my equal despite being 113 years older than you. Despite being the fated ruler of this empire… I never thought of you being any lesser than me.

And yet… you do this to me; to your own flesh and blood." said Aragorn in a crestfallen and infuriated voice while two drops of tear came from both of his eyes.

In the following moments, Eleanor responded with a gloomy tone.

"What you tried to discard away is something people go to war for.

You should've just forgotten and never come back.

Now that the Hero of Life was summoned and I have him under control… all of my plans were going to become reality anyway." she revealed while gasping for breath as her head was covered in sweat.

"It's you who doesn't deserve to be born as the prince. I should've been the sole heir to the throne!

Only… only if you never existed, I wouldn't have to do any of this." she justified herself.

But unexpectedly… it broke Aragorn's heart to hear this.

"So for the sake of your ambition… would you go as far as kill your own family?" he asked in a heavy tone.

In return, Eleanor responded unapologetically.

"I'd do it a hundred times more without thinking twice." she chuckled menacingly.

Just then… Vildred spoke in a firm tone.

"It's time to undo the Commandment of Severed Fate." he said to Aragorn.

Kahn asked the royal dragon.

"How do we break the curse?"

"There's only one way." replied Vildred and gazed at the Elven Prince again.

"This is your decision. You will have to live with it for the rest of your life."

Kahn in the side was puzzled and stifled…

"Don't tell me…"

"To break the Commandment of Severed Fate…" spoke Vildred again.

But before he could say anything…


Aragorn took out a dagger that broke past all of Eleanor's defensive artifacts and barriers instantly.


Kahn shifted his gaze and all he saw was a dagger stabbed into Eleanor's heart.

The Elven Princess threw up blood with a horrified expression in her eyes.

"The caster has to die at the hands of the target."