Romulus gave his insight into the Conceptualization technique that seemed as the next evolution of Harnessing. And his wisdom of using water as a reference and applying its properties while studying and learning it opened a new path for Kahn.

"How do I change that?" he queried sternly.

"Before that... Know this fact.

Even many 7th stage saints in the world can't use Harnessing and Conceptualization.

Apart from our current Empress, I haven't seen anyone else also do it inside the Nadur Empire. And she is also a True Descendant like me.

But she uses her mastery over her bloodline and a law she has been practicing for decades to use them.

That is not the case for me or you." he iterated.

"Then how can you do that?" asked Kahn curiously.

"Because I'm the Apostle of Slaughter. Which played a vital role in me learning Conceptualization as I can use any weapon in the world and master them if I train enough.

And since you're the Apostle of War Deity who can also wield different weapons and gain perfect mastery in them because of the blessings you received... this technique is the most fitting one for you in the long run compared to the other ones I know." he explained.

"Now that you have mastered Harnessing, this sets up a solid foundation for Conceptualization.

In a way, we have already saved half the time." he spoke and soon, his domineering aura permeated this vast dimension with the metallic floor.

"Follow my instructions. Create a sword.

Purposely weaken it to 30% of its density." he commanded.

Kahn followed the instructions and did exactly as his master ordered.

"Hold right there.

Now think about another weapon." instructed the heavenly king.

Kahn then imagined a dagger and tried to change its shape slowly.

1 Hour Later.

Kahn was sweating heavily and had a headache at this point. Yet in the end, he finally managed to transform the whole sword into a dagger.

"Nicely done. It didn't explode on the first try." spoke the Fenrirborne with a pleased expression.

But the fact remained unchanged that what took Romulus just a couple of seconds took Kahn an entire hour.

"Now condense it slowly and make it 100% denser. Do it steadily otherwise it will blow you up." he gave a command.

Kahn used Harnessing again to solidify the dagger.

But he quickly noticed that while trying to do so, his world energy reserves were consumed and depleting.

"Why is this so harder than Harnessing?

All my world energy is mostly drained." questioned Kahn while panting heavily as his forehead was full of sweat.

"Because to make adjustments, your body is subconsciously using extra world energy reserves." explained Romulus.

"Wouldn't that be a big problem? Because it will deplete twice my reserves during a battle." spoke Kahn.

"Not exactly. It's happening because your current control is negligible. The more proficient you become, the less unnecessary world energy will be consumed." said the red wolfkin, reassuring his mentee.

Another half an hour later...

Finally Kahn was done reaching 100% manifestation and the dagger was completely at its full capacity.

"Now, you can use this method to change the shapes of any element you have, create weapons and then shift their shapes.

But that's not the end. Since you have so many affinities with different elements unlike me who only has Fire affinity..." he spoke with a grin.

"No way! Don't tell me..." spoke Kahn with his eyes full of disbelief.

Romulus then replied with a smile.

"Yes. You can change the shape of the weapon and element at will." he declared merrily.

Kahn on the other end was simply discombobulated.


Because this meant that he could use Conceptualization to change the shape and element of the weapon at will.

He could turn a water sword into a fire bow. An earth elemental spear into a darkness elemental shield at will during a battle.

Based on the situation during the battle and the elemental affinity of the opponent... Kahn can now turn the whole battle in his favor instantly.

If someone thought he was a Water & Ice elemental warrior and they could attack or kill him because they themselves were lightning or fire elemental fighters...

Kahn could suddenly turn his water attacks and summoned shape of the weapon into a darkness elemental one to completely overpower and decimate them before the enemy could even react.

It was like the most harmless attack coming your way, the one you were fully confident of neutralizing easily; but then it instantly turned into the most lethal strike that you don't have a way to defend against.

This would simply be a nightmare for Kahn's enemies during battle.

If Harnessing was OP, then Conceptualization was like a Super Upgraded version of it which added a tremendous tactical advantage.

"Ha ha ha!!

This is genius!" exclaimed Kahn with an elated expression.

"And yet, I haven't received a 'Thank you, Master' for planning such an amazing training route for you." said Romulus while folding his arms together.

Kahn held both his fists together and bowed in respect. Because Romulus had indeed created a great path for him that no one else would have done for Kahn in this world.

"There are 3 more techniques after this. But I can't teach them until you master Conceptualization.

And not only that... I need you to be able to control it so well that you can even summon dozens of weapons at will and then change their shapes and elements in matter of seconds without the slightest mistake." he commended in a thoughtful voice.

"I will do so... Master." obliged Kahn.

1 Week Later.

Kahn is struggling greatly. His time was reduced to 30 minutes in using Conceptualization for a single weapon. But his master was barely 10% even now.

Still... It was many times better than his first attempt.

Although he carefully followed every step, this technique was more complex because every weapon shape and element he used to create them had different densities, viscosity, permeability, attack power, malleable properties and varying nature when conjuring and transforming them.

Even if Kahn met the condition to use this technique... It was completely different from Harnessing technique because the latter was only the foundation.

"Looks like I have no choice but to keep using it." thought Kahn and spoke with Rathnaar, revealing his worries.

An hour later, Kahn entered the Chamber of Exaltation again.

"There is a particular section that will greatly aid your training to master this technique." spoke Rathnaar, impressed by what Romulus taught Kahn since he himself couldn't practice this technique when he was alive.

After some time they reached a platform in the center of multicolored cloud-like creations that dazzled with ethereal and otherworldly aura as if different aspects of reality were coming together.

The facility in the center itself looked like the linchpin that joined these different aspects.

"This cloud-like section is something you won't find in the outside world. It's called..." spoke the Peak Saint as he revealed the best place for Kahn to master Conceptualization.

"Convergence of Reality."