Kahn gazed at the multicolored cloud-like section that spanned 5 kilometers in radius alone, filled with a variety of elements of reality including Darkness and Chaos in the mix. Unlike how it usually happened, these elements didn't cause some sort of natural disaster or odd occurrence that could be seen as dangerous.

There were other elements of reality but Kahn had no idea what purpose did they have and he couldn't even feel them properly.

"You're too weak to do anything about them as you lack enough enlightenment in the Law of Magic.

Just focus on the normal ones you can sense for now." spoke Rathnaar to the amazed Kahn.

As per his instructions, Kahn flew towards the epicenter where a circular formation of a stone-like ancient mechanism appeared and he sat there in a meditative position.

"I brought you here because this is the only place inside the Chamber of Exaltation that can help you harness and experience all different elements at a rapid pace.

Although you have many elemental affinities and skills... they're just makeshift and temporary. You don't actually have any mastery other than for Darkness and Water element." his majestic voice reverberated in the surroundings.

"You don't even know how to use Chaos element despite having the True Demon bloodline yourself.

Also, your mastery over the Darkness element is barely passable despite having the highest affinity to it." he spoke the harsh truth in front of Kahn from the get-go, reminding the latter how truly weak he was compared to real native powerhouses and experts of Vantrea.

"For this Conceptualization study, this place is the best for understanding and utilizing them since the Convergence of Reality has access to all of the elements in the world.

And using Harnessing, you will have an unlimited supply for practicing as well." revealed Rathnaar about why he brought Kahn here of all the different sections inside the chamber.

"Back then, I also used this place to perfect my skills. But unlike you, I had only one element." he iterated solemnly.

"Which element and law did you use?" queried Kahn.

"I don't remember. That part of memories is sealed with the other half of my soul." he revealed nonchalantly.

"Smart. You sealed all the important and useful information with the other half along with the secret of becoming a Demi-God." said Kahn with an almost complaining voice.

"Back to the topic.

Sit there and I will tell you a chant. Use it to activate the whole setup and you will become the one in charge of this section till you're practicing." said the peak saint.

"Anek Jutva Cahfk Olegwakeo Sanvarilaaskin."

Kahn repeated the exact same words and soon, he started feeling changes in his body.

Dozens of runes emerged from the floor he sat on and quickly imprinted themselves on various parts as if becoming one with his physique.

Kahn on the other end suddenly felt like his body was filled with unimaginable energy and his mind became hazy with too much pressure.

Soon, he felt that most of his elemental affinities were barely on the surface level compared to the quality and quantity of the ones spread across this section.

Even his Darkness element was hardly at 50% capacity despite him being the representative of the God of Darkness.

"Man, I really need to perfect myself in so many things. Otherwise, I will forever stay ignorant and get smacked over by everyone." he thought and sighed with a helpless expression.


After months of silence, the system suddenly notified him.

[Congratulations to the host for improving body-mind connection with mana, world and elements of reality.

All elemental affinities except Light raised by 10%]

"Heh? What the hell is that?

I got a boost just by staying here for a while?" wondered Kahn with a bewildered countenance.

"This Chamber of Exaltation is indeed one of a kind in the entire world.

My luck was simply truly great to find it in Rakos Empire." he said and started focusing on the connection with various elements he felt through those archaic runes embedded in his physique.

[Author's Note : This is why I didn't go too much into detail about the function of the Chamber of Exaltation when Kahn was in the Rakos, Vulcan and Zivot empire ever since he got it in the 3rd arc. All of this was planned half a year ago just for this arc and Kahn's real training regime.]

He then activated all the abilities he received from Solomon and the Elven bloodline provided him which were greatly beneficial to sense elements in the world.

In the upcoming moments, all the elements except Light and Lightning started surging towards his body and got absorbed at his will.

However... He suddenly opened his eyes as a covetous grin appeared on his face.

Kahn 'Greedy' Salvatore was a smart man and always made the best use of opportunities when he came across them.

And now... He wanted to use this environment to maximize the effect for the Conceptualization technique.



Out of nowhere, 4 black wormholes appeared and started sucking in the abundance of the elements converging in this section as Kahn activated the Energy Plunderer skill.

Even Rathnaar was surprised after seeing this progression.

"This brat! He's hacking the rules again." he rolled his eyes again with an exasperated face.

Kahn then summoned the Dragon Strike and started using Conceptualization to change its shape to turn it into a different weapon.

Yet this time... his control became at least 3 times more stable than all his previous attempts.

"Good, if this carries on... I will be able to reduce the training period by months and yield results without too many failures." he thought and let out a smug smile.

At this exact moment, a brutal scene came to be a few hundred thousand kilometers away in a different empire.

In front of the corpse of a saint, stood a young man around the same age as Kahn.

His eyes were full of ruthlessness and also elation at the same time.

"Good riddance." spoke this person under a golden-yellow hood.

"This bastard was going to become one of those who opposed me in the future.

But his death won't cause the butterfly effect and change the timeline since he didn't play any pivotal role in the important decisions.

I must let events happen the way they did last time so I can properly use the knowledge of the future to benefit me greatly." spoke this person under the hood whose face couldn't be seen.

"With this core and the Dual Core Incorporation technique I learned in the future... I will be able to become a 5th stage saint before the Conclave of Heroes and even make my Domain of Chronokinesis many times more powerful than before." he said in an elated voice.

"Next, I will have to form to trap and kill Kahn Salvatore before 'He' finds the Hero of Darkness during the conclave.

And once I succeed..." he spoke with an ominous aura and revealed true intentions.

"I will become the Overlord of that place with 3 Divine Keys."