Chapter 1754: I like it when you throw yourself into my arms (24)

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“Ye Xingxing went to the bathroom, took a shower, and washed his head. ”

“There was central heating at home, so she changed into the nightdress that Lu yubai had prepared for her. Even though it was thin, she wasn’t cold. However, she was surprised. Lu yubai should be the only one living in this small apartment, so why was there a girl’s clothes? ”

It was definitely not for her. She would ask him who he had prepared it for later.

“When ye Xingxing came out, Lu yubai was sitting on the sofa. When he saw her coming out in a thin nightdress with her hair wet, his body froze. ”

“The girl had just taken a shower, and her bright eyes were covered with a drowsy mist. The collar of her nightgown was not low, but it was not high either, revealing her white collarbones. As she walked, the thin dress could not hide her graceful and exquisite figure. Her chest was wet from the water dripping from her hair, which made it even more fascinating. ”

“Lu yubai, who was about to get up, suddenly sat back down and said to ye Xingxing,””””The hairdryer is in the cabinet above the sink. Take it out and dry your hair.”” ”

Ye Xingkong immediately looked at the cabinet above the sink. It was a little high and she could not reach it.

She turned her head and glanced at Lu yubai. He was actually reading a magazine in his hand and had no intention of helping.

“She tried to reach for it again, but she still couldn’t get it, so she could only say,””””I can’t get it.”” ”

“Lu yubai stood up and walked over quickly. He stood directly behind her and reached out to open the cabinet. Then, he took the hairdryer out.””Here.”” ”

“Ye Xingxing took the hairdryer and smiled at him.””””Thank you,”” he said. ”

“The fragrance of the shower gel entered his nose, and he couldn’t help but feel a wave of excitement. Lu yubai smiled faintly, then turned around and left. ”

“For some reason, ye Xingguang felt like he was avoiding him. When he had spoken, he hadn’t even dared to look him in the eye. ”

What was this?

“Ye Xingxing plugged in the hairdryer. As he dried his hair, he looked at Lu yubai through the mirror. He glanced at her a few times, but he quickly looked away. ”

“He seemed to be a little restless. In the end, he got up, took his phone, and stood on the balcony to make a call. ”

“Ye Xingxing was a little depressed. Before she went to take a shower, he had seemed pretty normal. Why was he acting so strange all of a sudden? ”

“After drying his hair, ye Xingxing walked over. Seeing that Lu yubai had finished his call, he walked to the balcony.””I’m done drying my hair. Don’t you want to take a shower?”” ”

“””I don’t need it,”” Lu yubai walked in and saw ye Xingkong holding the glass door with one hand and sticking his head out slightly. He raised his hand and patted her head.””Clean clothes will be sent over later. After you change, I’ll take you out to play.”” ”

“Ye Xingxing looked outside.””It’s not raining anymore?”” ”

“It was still drizzling, but she said,””””I don’t even know where to play when it’s raining.”” ”

“””Where do you want to go?”” ”

“””I just want to be with you. It doesn’t matter where we go.”” Ye Xingxing said as he hugged Lu yubai’s arm. ”

“Lu yubai looked at her beautiful big eyes that were staring at him without blinking. They looked at each other for a few seconds, and his body uncontrollably leaned down. Their lips were very close. ”

“A strange ticklish feeling tugged at her heartstrings. Just when ye Xingxing thought Lu yubai was going to kiss her, Lu yubai smiled and said hoarsely,””””Since we can’t go out to play, why don’t we … Do something fun in the house?”” ”