Chapter 1755: I like it when you throw yourself into my arms (25)

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“Ye Xing Kong’s lips curled up as he blinked his eyes and smiled,””What are you doing?”” ”

“When he said this, he was very close to her ear, and his warm breath blew into her ear. His voice was low and magnetic, making her heart a mess, so she subconsciously misunderstood. ”

“So after she asked, she blushed. What fun could there be in the room? could it be between a man and a woman … After all, a man and a woman alone could easily get into a fire. ”

“However, when Lu yubai took out the chess set and placed it on the table, ye Xingkong’s suspicious gaze lingered on Lu yubai’s handsome face. After realizing that she had misunderstood him, she felt her face burning. “”You’re talking about chess. “” ”

“Lu yubai raised his eyebrows.””Why else do you think I’m calling you?”” ”

“””No, no, no. I thought I was just playing Go,”” ye Xingguang replied hurriedly. ”

“Lu yubai knew what she was thinking, but he didn’t expose her. He just smiled gently and teased her,””you don’t think I’m going to pull you …”” ”

“Ye Xingxing’s face burned even hotter, and he hurriedly denied,””No, no. Let’s hurry up and play chess.”” ”

“Lu yubai didn’t say anything else. When he drove off, he suddenly sighed.””””Starry sky, I’m a normal man.”” ”

There was an obvious sense of suppression in his voice.

Ye Xingkong was speechless.

“Of course, she knew that he was a normal man! ”

“Looking at his little girlfriend’s confused eyes, Lu yubai curved his lips and smiled. Then he warned,””””So, don’t always lie to me.”” ”

“When he said this, he kept looking at her. His gaze was deep, and it contained a strong power and heat. ”

“In an instant, ye Xingxing felt his body burning as if it were on fire. ”

“She roughly understood what Lu yubai was referring to. She didn’t dare to say anything more, nor did she dare to say any more sweet words. She played chess with Lu yubai obediently. ”

“At the start, she kept losing, and ye Xingguang expressed in distress that if she lost one more round, she wouldn’t play anymore. But then she won the next round, and she had just won by one stone. ”

“A certain someone had lost without a trace, but ye Xingxing still knew that he was giving in to her. ”

“””Actually, you don’t have to give in to me. I will win.”” This was a certain someone’s typical example of taking advantage of others. ”

“””You really don’t need me to give way?”” Lu yubai asked softly. ”

“””No need, no need. I’m very powerful.”” ”

“Ye Xingxing was full of confidence and thought that he could win this round by himself. However, Lu yubai didn’t let her win this round. She looked at Lu yubai with a bitter face and said,””””Don’t you know that women like to be sarcastic?”” ”

“””Then I’ll let you win the next round.”” ”

“””How can you be like this? I’m done, I’m done.”” Ye Xingkong pouted and started to calculate,””Whose clothes are these? why do you have women’s clothes in your house?”” ”

“Lu yubai explained,””my cousin is about the same height as you. I only come to this apartment for one or two nights during the holidays. So, when she ran away from home, she would hide here. Your clothes are hers.”” ”

“””Running away from home?”” ye Xingkong asked in surprise. ”

“Lu yubai supported his chin with his hand.””She’s a mischievous girl. She’s been running away from home since she was five years old. You should know her. She’s the one who called me that day and called me daddy.”” ”

Ye Xingkong was calm. So it was her. She was indeed mischievous.