Chapter 1758: I like it when you throw yourself into my arms (28)

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“He couldn’t let her cry like this forever. Ye Xingxing planned to send her home first, but Lin zhiqiao refused to go home and even wanted to go home with ye Xingxing. Ye Xingxing had no choice but to let Lu yubai send her and Lin zhiqiao home. ”

“Ye Xingkong’s parents were very happy that ye Xingkong had brought his friend over to play, but this little girl was crying so sadly that they couldn’t really greet her. They only told ye Xingkong to comfort her. ”

“Once they reached ye Xingxing’s room, Lin zhiqiao hugged him again.””””Sob … My confession was rejected.”” ”

“In fact, ye Xingxing had a premonition in his heart. For Lin zhiqiao to collapse like this, it definitely had something to do with Zhan xuantian. ”

Lin zhiqiao held back her tears and continued to speak while sobbing …

“When ye Xingxing and Lu yubai left, Lin zhiqiao was elated. From then on, she had been looking for an opportunity to confess to Zhan xuantian. ”

She didn’t find an opportunity until after dinner.

“She looked at Zhan xuantian, like a brave warrior who had gone through fire and water, with an expression that said,””””Zhan xuantian, I like you. I want to be your girlfriend, can I?”” ”

“She had always called him instructor Zhan. This was the first time she had called his name. She was extremely nervous, so nervous that her heart was about to jump out. ”

“Zhan xuantian was shocked, and he looked at her with his mouth agape, as if he had just heard an international joke. ”

“After a moment, he smiled awkwardly.””””Lin zhiqiao, I’m your instructor.”” ”

“””Lu yubai is also an instructor at starry sky,”” Lin zhiqiao immediately said.””Look at how good they are.”” ”

“Zhan xuantian’s embarrassed smile could no longer be maintained, and his expression gradually turned stiff.””Student Lin zhiqiao, to me, you are just a child.”” ”

“””How am I a child?”” Lin zhiqiao puffed out her chest. ”

“Zhan xuantian glanced at her chest, and his face turned red. He took a few steps back.””I believe that your original intention of going to military school is definitely not to date, but to achieve something in your career …”” ”

“””No, I went to the military school to date because I like soldiers. After seeing you, I decided to like soldiers like you.”” Lin zhiqiao smiled shyly, and her face turned red. ”

“Zhan xuantian’s face was also red, and even his ears were red. He endured the discomfort and deliberately put on a sullen face, putting on the posture of an instructor.””””What kind of international joke is this? kids these days are really too unruly. I’ll have to ask your instructor to give you a good education class later.”” ”

“Looking at Zhan xuantian’s fleeing back, Lin zhiqiao knew that she was done for. Zhan xuantian did not like her, and had even rejected her righteously. ”

The fire of her love had not even started to burn before it was extinguished by a basin of cold water.

“On the other side, Lu yubai returned home and saw Zhan xuantian standing in front of his house. His expression was a little strange. Lu yubai opened the door and led Zhan xuantian in.””””Is there something?”” ”

“Zhan xuantian subconsciously shook his head, looking a little out of it. He looked at Lu yubai and asked,””””Captain, why did you leave first today?”” ”

“””Why aren’t you leaving?”” Lu yubai asked indifferently.””Are you bringing two giant light bulbs with you?”” ”

“””But, didn’t you say there was a mission?”” Zhan xuantian asked, puzzled. ”

“””Your mission is to stall the other third wheel,”” Lu yubai said slowly. ”

Zhan xuantian was speechless.

Was this really his Captain? Was it really not like in the novels that he had been transmigrated?