Chapter 1760: I like it when you throw yourself into my arms (part 30)

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“””You’re too vicious. “” ”

“””You were the one who poisoned me first,”” ”

The two of them started to bicker again.

“Lin zhiqiao criticized,””you’re too selfish. You only care about your own relationship and don’t care about me. Don’t you know how great I am? I gave Lu yubai to you directly and didn’t make things difficult for you at all. You have to know that in novels, people like me who have their loved ones stolen away will use all kinds of methods to frame you. They will turn the favored novels of you and Lu yubai into sadistic novels. It will be heart-wrenching.”” ”

“Ye Xingkong facepalmed, completely clueless about what this person was talking about. ”

“She emphasized,””when did I not care about you? didn’t I ask you out? but you can’t let me ask you out every time. You have to settle your own relationship.”” ”

“Lin zhiqiao furrowed her brows and pondered for a moment. Then, in a negotiating tone, she said,””””Then you can ask her out again, and she won’t bother you in the future.”” ”

“””No,”” ye Xingguang replied. ”

“Lin zhiqiao swallowed the vicious words that were about to come out of her mouth and softened her tone.””Just one more time, you stinky Fox.”” ”

“Ye Xingxing had always been amenable to coaxing but not coercion. His heart softened, but he still muttered,””””You’re really a dead Peacock. You don’t even know how to spread your tail and seduce people. “” ”

“Lin zhiqiao was speechless. She gritted her teeth and said,””the peacock that spreads its tail is a male peacock. A female Peacock can’t spread its tail. You still dare to call yourself a top student? I think you are illiterate.”” ”

“””So you’re admitting that you’re a female Peacock?”” ye Xingkong smiled evilly. ”

“””Stinky Fox, you actually dug a hole to defame me again.”” Lin zhiqiao said as she pounced on ye Xingxing, her hand raised high, wanting to hit him. ”

“””You dare to hit me? I’ll ask instructor Lu to teach you a lesson.”” Ye Xingkong said in a dignified manner. ”

“Upon hearing the words ‘instructor Lu’, Lin zhiqiao immediately sat up straight. She was still very afraid of that F * cking ice block. She lifted her chin arrogantly and rolled her eyes at ye Xingxing.””Instructor Lu, instructor Lu … Aren’t you two already together? why are you still calling him instructor Lu? Creak!”” ”

“””What else could he be called? instructor Lu sounds nice and domineering.”” ”

“””Then why did you call him instructor in bed? it’s as if he’s teaching you bed skills.”” Lin zhiqiao’s imagination was running wild, and the words that came out of her mouth were especially dirty. ”

“””Lin zhiqiao!”” Ye Xingxing’s face reddened.””What nonsense are you talking about?!”” ”

“This was the first time Lin zhiqiao had seen ye Xingkong’s face turn red. She exclaimed in surprise and asked,””A stinky Fox actually blushes. It’s really a world-changing story.”” ”

“Ye Xing Kong choked and angrily mumbled,””I don’t want to talk to you.”” ”

“Lin zhiqiao’s face was full of gossip, and she curiously asked,””By the way, have you two slept together yet?”” ”

“The corner of ye Xingkong’s mouth twitched, once again confirming his original thoughts. Lin zhiqiao’s mouth was too much.”……” ”

“Observing her expression, Lin zhiqiao smiled.””””Lu yubai is really amazing in bed, isn’t he?”” ”

“””Shut up if you don’t want me to kick you out,”” ye Xing Kong glared at her. ”

“Lin zhiqiao pouted.””Cheapskate, I already said that I won’t snatch instructor Lu from you. What’s wrong with telling me if he’s good in bed? or did you two not have sex?”” ”

Ye Xingkong was speechless.

“Seeing that she had tacitly agreed, Lin zhiqiao was surprised and shouted,””””Oh my God, no way. What era is it now? you guys don’t even sleep together?”” ”

“She had said it so loudly that ye Xingxing was afraid that someone would hear her, so he covered Lin zhiqiao’s mouth in shock. “”I’m going to throw you out. “” ”