Chapter 1762: The troubles of a young girl’s growth (2)

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“Lu yubai didn’t say anything. He just reached out and ruffled her hair.””Alright, we’re almost done. I’ll send you home.”” ”

“Ye Xingxing leaned into his arms, his eyes blurred.””You’ve been drinking too, and you have to wake up at five tomorrow. You don’t have to send me. I’ll go back by myself.”” ”

“””You drank so much, do you think I’ll let you go back by yourself?”” ”

Lu yubai wanted to knock her head.

“Ye Xingxing was confused.””Then what should we do …”” She hugged Lu yubai’s waist and leaned her head on his chest. Then, she closed her eyes. ”

“After a while, ye Xingxing’s even breathing could be heard. ”

Lu yubai was speechless.

This is called good alcohol tolerance?

“Although it wasn’t a one-cup faze, his alcohol tolerance wasn’t good. ”

“She wouldn’t sleep comfortably with him in her arms. Lu yubai carried ye Xingxing directly to the bed and planned to let her sleep at home for the night. After all, he had a guest room in his apartment. ”

“But as soon as she laid down, ye Xingxing woke up. She rubbed her eyes.””Why did I fall asleep?”” ”

“””Didn’t you say it’s a good drinker?”” “”Don’t drink anymore.”” Lu yubai pinched her nose.”””” ”

“He stood up and wanted to leave, but ye Xingxing grabbed his sleeve.””Where are you going?”” ”

“””I’m going to take a shower. “”Lu yubai sat down on the bed. ”

“””Why are you taking a shower?”” ye Xingxing blushed immediately. She let go of him and hugged the blanket with both hands.””Don’t mess around.”” ”

Lu yubai was speechless.

“He was really just going to take a shower. What was she thinking?””I really want to crack open your head and see what’s inside.”” ”

“””You’ll die if you knock my head open. If I die, you won’t have a fiancée.”” ”

“Seeing Lu yubai’s dark face, ye Xingxing immediately smiled and said,””””Alright, alright, I was wrong. I was just spouting nonsense.”” ”

“””That’s enough,”” Lu yubai said helplessly.””Go to sleep. Otherwise, I won’t let you off.”” ”

“””You can go later. Talk to me first, okay?”” Ye Xingkong shook his head. The thought of not being able to be together tomorrow made her extremely reluctant. ”

“Lu yubai’s long eyelashes drooped, and his deep eyes were full of gentleness.””What do you want to say?”” ”

“””When are you going on vacation again?”” ye Xingguang asked, fiddling with the corner of his shirt. ”

“In fact, ye Xingxing had already asked this question more than once. If it had been anyone else, Lu yubai would have been so annoyed that he wouldn’t even look at them. But to ye Xingxing, he showed unprecedented patience and gentleness. ”

“””The winter break is very short,”” he said softly.””You’ll start school after the new year. I’ll go to school then.”” ”

“””Don’t you have a holiday for the new year?””ye Xingkong frowned. ”

“””I don’t know,”” Lu yubai replied softly.””I can’t do it if there’s a mission.”” ”

“””Can’t I have New Year’s dinner with my family?””ye Xingguang asked, his heart aching. ”

“””They will go to the Army.”” ”

“””Alright, I forgot that your father is also a soldier.”” ”

“Lu yubai looked at her disappointed expression and leaned down to kiss her on the forehead. Then, he held her in his arms. ”

“At first, it was very quiet, and the two of them hugged each other without any desire. However, after a while, Lu yubai heard ye Xingxing muttering something. ”

“After that, he noticed that she seemed to be chanting. He gently let go of her and looked at her curiously.”……” ”

“Ye Xingkong smiled at him and raised his voice slightly.””Color is space, space is color. Color is space, space is color …”” ”

“””Why are you reading this?”” Lu yubai asked with a smile. ”

“””I’m warning myself not to be charmed by lust,””ye Xingkong replied. ”