Chapter 1766: The troubles of a young girl’s growth (6)

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The expression on ye Xingxing’s face was a little hard to describe in a few words. She did not know whether to laugh or cry as she deliberated for a moment before sitting down opposite happy.

“Little Happy’s little face was filled with a gratified expression.””””Finally, I have someone to eat with me. I don’t have to be alone anymore.”” ”

“Ye Xingxing looked at her and said,””if you don’t want to eat alone, why did you run away from home?”” It’s so good to have your parents at home. “” ”

“At this moment, the expression on little Happy’s face was the same as ye Xingguang ‘s, and it was even more difficult to explain. ”

“Ye Xingguang couldn’t help but laugh.””Little girl, what’s with that expression? don’t you want Daddy and Mommy to eat with you?”” ”

“””If you were me, you would run away from home too.”” ”

“””Why?”” ”

“””Because my parents are so close to each other that they can’t tolerate a third person.”” ”

“Ye Xingxing didn’t quite understand. His parents had a good relationship, but she was their most precious little baby. ”

“Little happy was like a robot. The corners of his mouth curled up stiffly, but he looked very cute.””I was brought up by my grandfather, and my younger brother was brought up by my grandmother. In my dad’s eyes, we’re the third and fourth wives. “” ”

“Ye Xingkong was stunned for a moment before he understood. He couldn’t help but laugh.””Your father is so funny.”” ”

“Happy pouted.””How is it fun? it’s not fun at all. I heard that when I was born, my father was quite happy because we don’t have any girls in our family. They only gave birth to boys. My grandfather really liked me. He even wanted to bring me back to the main house of the Lu family to raise me. At that time, my father was not willing to do so, but I only looked like my own daughter at that time.”” ”

“Ye Xingxing looked at her, confused. ”

“””After two months, my dad despised my existence and my mom didn’t have time to be intimate with him. He threw me back and only brought me back when I was in kindergarten. Sometimes, I feel that it was really hard for me to grow up.”” ”

“Once happy finished grumbling, he even let out a long sigh. ”

“However, although she said those sad words, she didn’t look sad at all. Actually, she was quite happy that her parents had a good relationship. She also felt that she was still okay. Her father still doted on her a lot. As for her brother, he was just an extra in her father’s eyes. Haha … ”

“As ye Xingxing listened, he suddenly thought of something. He sat up straight and asked,””””That … Is your mother called Shi Guang …”” ”

“””Yeah,”” ”

“””No wonder.”” ”

“””Could it be what?”” ”

“””I’ve read a lot of stories about your parents on the internet. Their love story is so enviable. “”Ye Xingkong chuckled. ”

“After she met Lu yubai, she wanted to know everything about him, so she did a search on Baidu for everyone related to him. ”

He was shocked to find out that his family members were almost legendary figures.

“””I think your mother is amazing,”” ye Xingchen said, his eyes sparkling. ”

“””How is he powerful??”” ”

“””The world champion!!”” ”

“Happy leaned against his chair gloomily and sighed.””””It’s true that a world champion is amazing, but the problem is that she’s sick of it. She wants her child to be as good as her, so she’s been trying to train me to swim since I was young and want me to be a swimming champion like her. But the problem is that I don’t like swimming at all.”” ”

Parents ‘overly high expectations were probably the troubles that all young girls would encounter when they grew up.