Chapter 1767: The troubles of a young girl’s growth (7)

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“Ye Xingxing expressed his understanding, but she didn’t agree with running away from home.””But you’re not an adult yet. You fought against your parents and ran away from home. It’s very dangerous for you to be outside.”” ”

“””Don’t I still have you? You’re an adult now. “” ”

“As happy spoke, he winked at ye Xingkong and even curled his lips into a smile. His smile was so bright that it was like the sun. In an instant, it was as if the winter snow had melted and the spring breeze had brushed against his face. ”

“Ye Xingxing felt as if he had been flirted with by a girl, his heart thumping wildly. ”

“Fortunately, she was a woman who liked men. Otherwise, she might really have a change of heart and betrayed Lu yubai. This little girl was so young and not an adult yet. She was so good-looking, so why did she have to do such seductive actions? ”

“When he saw that ye Xingtian hadn’t spoken for a long time and was only looking at him thoughtfully, happy knocked on the table.””””Where’s the love you said?”” ”

“Ye Xing Kong didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, he could only nod,””Alright, alright.”” ”

“If she had known earlier, she wouldn’t have said that she liked her just now. Dating and accompanying her, the two of them really seemed to be in love. ”

“She mumbled in her heart, instructor Lu, Oh, instructor Lu, this is your sister, I really didn’t cheat on you … ”

“The two of them loved to eat, and they almost finished all the food on the table. They were too full and needed to exercise to digest, so ye Xingxing took happy out. ”

“Although Lu yubai’s apartment wasn’t located in a well-known wealthy area, the security in this area was particularly good. Therefore, countless rich people, businessmen, and movie stars lived in this area. ”

The two of them decided to take a walk around the aquarium not far away to digest the information.

“The aquarium was very big, and it would take about an hour to finish the walk. They thought that they would not feel so full after the walk. ”

“When they arrived, they saw that many of the Aquarium’s places had been closed. It seemed like they were holding some kind of event and had invited many celebrities. ”

“She even had to walk around in circles to go to the toilet, but there was a toilet upstairs. ”

“Happy wanted to go to the bathroom and ask her to walk around, but she refused and went upstairs. ”

“Ye Xingxing waited below for a while, but he still didn’t see her happy. The little girl couldn’t have gotten lost, right? after all, the aquarium was too big. ”

“She gave happy a call, and just as she had expected, happy had really lost his way. ”

“When the security guards weren’t paying attention, ye Xingxing also sneaked up. ”

“During the call just now, happy had said that she was in the jellyfish area, but there was no sign on it, so ye Xingxing did not know where the jellyfish area was. ”

“After walking for a while, she saw someone talking in front of her, so she hid. ”

“A moment later, she quietly poked her head out and her eyes widened in shock. ”

“Oh my god, oh my god! Ye xinghang was in complete disbelief. He blinked his eyes, thinking that he had seen wrongly, but he was right, she really saw it. A man was being kabedonned by another man. ”

“She happened to see the man who was pinned to the wall. He looked more like a boy, with a smooth figure and long slender limbs. He was very beautiful and devilish. His peach-shaped eyes were slightly squinted, with a bit of coldness and charm. He looked at the man who was kabedonned without any warmth and warned in a cold voice,””””Get lost!”” ”

More people were coming. Ye Xingxing didn’t think much about it and quickly hid again.

“When she looked over again, the exquisite boy was gone. There were only two tall men talking. ”

“She could only continue to hide. Oh my God, where did little happy go? how was she going to find him? ”