Chapter 1768: The troubles of a young girl’s growth (8)

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“Little happy waited in the jellyfish area for a while, but ye Xingkong still didn’t come. She followed her instincts and walked South for a while. Three paths appeared in front of her. Which one should she take? ”

“She looked up at her surroundings. The event was on the other side of the aquarium, but this side was also completely sealed off. Other than the security guards outside, there was not even a waiter inside. ”

Happy hesitated for a moment before he decided to take the middle path.

She didn’t believe that she wouldn’t be able to walk out of this maze-like aquarium.

“At that moment, footsteps came from the front, and someone walked over. Happy did not care who it was. It would be best if it was a security guard. After all, she had already used the washroom. If it was a security guard, he could send her out. ”

“Happy quickened his pace and walked up to her. He said very politely,””Hello, big brother.”” ”

“The boy in sunglasses was handsome and had delicate facial features. The corner of his mouth was curled up in a charming smile. His lazy voice was a little speechless.””You actually chased me all the way here. You’re really … Forget it, I’ll give you an autograph, but you’re not allowed to tell anyone my location.”” ”

“An autograph? “”What?”” happy looked at him in puzzlement.””I’m not asking for an autograph. I’m just asking for directions.”” ”

“Ask for directions? The handsome boy squinted his peach-shaped eyes. What kind of job did his manager give him? not only was he chased by fans, but he was also blocked by a man to confess his love. Now, he even met a strange girl. ”

“The girl looked very young, but she was at least 17 or 19 years tall. She did not put on any makeup and was very beautiful. In the entertainment industry, there were not many female celebrities who could compare to her appearance. ”

“Wait a minute, could she be an artiste who had just signed with a company and was preparing to make a name for herself? ”

She had deliberately blocked the way to get him to create hype.

“With this thought, the handsome boy immediately became alert. He looked around to see if anyone was hiding in the dark and taking photos. ”

“He did not see anyone around him, but he was still worried. His expression was cold and stern, and when he spoke to happy, there was a hint of mockery in his voice. “”Where’s the person who took the photo?”” ”

“””What do you mean by the photographer?”” Happy did not understand. ”

“””Stop right now. I can pretend nothing happened,”” the handsome boy said as he narrowed his eyes. ”

“””I just wanted to ask for directions.”” There was a hint of displeasure in Happy’s eyes, but since he was a handsome man, she did not hold it against him. ”

“””So, you mean you don’t know me?”” The handsome boy didn’t believe it. Nowadays, management companies were really getting more and more creative in their ways of promoting people. ”

“””I really don’t know you. Who are you? are you famous? The leader of the country?”” ”

“””I’m Bai Xiao,”” the handsome boy replied concisely and forcefully. He didn’t believe that she didn’t know him, as there were billboards hanging outside the aquarium. ”

“However, this girl’s face was full of innocence. Did he guess wrong, or was she exposed by him? she might as well pretend not to know him to avoid embarrassment? ”

“If it was the latter, then her acting skills were too good. After she became a Taoist, she would definitely be famous with her looks. ”

“””Oh.”” Happy answered faintly. ”

“””Oh?”” Bai Xiao frowned, repeating ye Xingxing’s words in a questioning tone. ”

“””By the looks of it, it seems like all women from eight to eighty years old know you. Usually, those who are narcissistic like you are actors or singers,”” happy said and snorted softly.””You’re just a narcissist.””””Sorry, I don’t really pay attention to the entertainment industry.”” ”