Chapter 1769: The troubles of a young girl’s growth (9)

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“The girl was very convincing, and Bai Xiao found himself almost believing her. He said softly,””””If you don’t pay attention to the entertainment industry, then what are you doing here?”” ”

Who didn’t know that there was an event going on here today? there would be a bunch of celebrities.

“Happy smiled faintly.””I’ve already said that I’m asking for directions, and the reason I’m asking is naturally because I’m lost. If you’re being kind, can you please tell me where the exit is?”” ”

“The girl’s smile was especially bright, and Bai Xiao’s narrow and sharp peach blossom eyes unconsciously flashed with a touch of amazement. ”

“””If you’re trying to get my attention, then I can tell you that you’ve succeeded,”” he said uneasily. ”

“””What?”” ”

“””What’s your name?”” ”

Happy could not help but Twitch the corners of his lips.

“At this moment, her phone rang. The person on the other end of the line must have heard the ringtone, so he called out softly,””””Happy?”” ”

“When he heard ye Xingxing’s voice, happy did not pick up his phone. He took a few steps in the direction of the voice, turned his head to the right, and saw ye Xingxing. ”

“””I’ve finally found you,”” ”

“””You’ve finally come to pick me up. “” ”

The two of them spoke almost at the same time.

“Ye Xingxing held Happy’s hand, then glanced at Bai Xiao, who was standing in the distance. His eyes were slightly stunned. Wasn’t this the boy who had been kabedonned just now? ”

“After he left, she heard the conversation between the other two men. ”

“””Did you get the photos?”” one of the men asked. ”

“””I did,”” another man replied. ”

“Ye Xingxing thought that she must have misunderstood just now. They might not have been lovers for the past two days, but why were they just taking photos? ”

“When ye Xingxing looked at him, Bai Xiao was also sizing him up. He had originally thought that ye Xingxing was just a person who took photos and helped happy create hype, but when he saw ye Xingxing’s slight frown when he saw him, he was stunned. Could he have been wrong? ”

“Watching the two girls walk further and further away, Bai Xiao muttered,””””She really doesn’t know me …”” She was … Happy. ”

“After the two of them left the aquarium, ye Xingxing asked happy,””””Who was that boy you were talking to just now?”” ”

“Happy pointed at the large Billboard hanging outside the aquarium.””””Isn’t it the one in the middle?”” ”

“Ye Xingxing looked up. It was a Billboard for the event. The boy had been in the center position just now, and his name was next to it-Bai Xiao. ”

“However, all the celebrities ye Xingxing knew and thought were big shots were actually there. ”

Was this Bai Xiao very popular? Ye Xingkong went online to check.

“Bai Xiao, 20 years old, was studying at an Ivy League university. He was the nation’s male idol and the most popular young Hunchback in the country. He had the best acting skills among the idols and was the most handsome among the actors. He debuted at the age of 16 and won an international Best Male Lead Award in his third year of debut, becoming the youngest international Best Actor. ”

“””At first, I really didn’t know who he was,”” happy said.””Later on, I remembered that I saw him on an , but he looked as if I wanted to use him to create hype, and that made me very unhappy, so I deliberately said that I didn’t know him.”” ”

He was a celebrity.

Hype? Ye Xingxing thought of the two men just now.

Could it be that the two of them had taken Bai Xiao’s photo to get him to hype up the show?

But they were both men. This kind of operation wasn’t allowed in the country. Could it be that she had taken these photos to frame Bai Xiao …

Ye Xingguang told Happy Everything he had heard and guessed.

“””He’s probably going to die. “”Happy curled his lips and spread his hands. ”

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