Chapter 1770: The troubles of a young girl growing up (10)

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Ye Xingxing thought that he would be able to see Bai Xiao’s scandal in two days.

“However, she was different from happy and felt that it might not be cold. If Bai Xiao’s public relations team was good, they could still be considered to have come out of the closet with just a photo. ”

“However, the entire winter break had passed, and ye Xingxing still hadn’t seen any news of Bai Xiao coming out of the closet. To be precise, there weren’t any scandals that were detrimental to Bai Xiao. ”

“On the other hand, the male celebrity who wanted to frame Bai Xiao was actually arrested for taking drugs. ”

Ye Xingxing was shocked. It seemed that this Bai Xiao had a strong background. The male star who wanted to step on him to get to the top had now stepped on a mountain of knives.

“The winter break was over, and a new semester began. ”

“Ye Xingxing left early in the morning and arrived at school to report. To his surprise, he found that his roommates were even earlier than her. They were from another province and had arrived at school a day earlier. ”

“After the winter break, song Hongyang was a little chubbier than before. She had already eaten very little, but she still gained weight even though she had been complaining about the eating and eating everywhere during the new year. ”

Wang Jingwen spent the winter vacation and returned with a color number for nothing.

“On the other hand, Zhou Jing hadn’t changed much. She was still as diligent as before, helping ye Xingchen clean his bed the day before. ”

“As for the students from the command department, it was naturally the same as before. Lin zhiqiao still had to bicker with her every day, and from time to time, she would even find her to complain. ”

“Previously, Lu yubai said that he would come to school when school started, but he only came a month after school started. Then, he came in a hurry and left in a hurry. ”

The two of them had only met for less than ten minutes.

“However, at the beginning of the new semester, ye Xingxing was particularly busy. The final results of the last semester had also been released. Ye Xingxing’s theory class was first in the entire semester. Other than her daily study and training, she was often pulled by instructor Wang to exchange Computer Science knowledge. ”

“In addition, the instructor liked to look for her when he had nothing to do. He even put her in charge of the programs of the May 4th literature and art Gala. ”

“In the beginning, ye Xingxing didn’t want to take responsibility, but because she was in charge of the competition, she finally got to see Lu yubai. ”

“Although there were a lot of people, they finally met face to face for a few hours. It would have been better if Luo Xue ‘er wasn’t around. ”

She didn’t understand why Luo Xue ‘er would still sit down and have a meeting with them to discuss their school’s Art Evening party even though she had already graduated.

“After the meeting ended, all the big shots left. ”

Ye Xingxing glanced at Lu yubai and was about to step forward to talk to him.

“However, Luo Xue ‘er walked to Lu yubai first and stared at him affectionately. Her eyes were full of love,””””Yubai, long time no see. How have you been?”” ”

“””Yes.”” “”Yes,”” Lu yubai replied indifferently. His eyes fell on ye Xingxing. Seeing her standing in the distance, he frowned slightly. ”

“Luo Xue’s eyes brightened when she received a response. She hurriedly said,””””I really miss you …”” ”

“Standing behind her, ye Xingxing’s eyes widened. What the hell? his girlfriend was here, and she was confessing to him? ”

She looked at Lu yubai and pouted unhappily.

“Lu yubai didn’t respond to Luo Xue ‘er’s words. He just looked at ye Xingxing, who was standing behind him. “”Let’s go, I’ll send you back. “” ”

“Luo Xue ‘er’s face darkened as she knew ye Xingxing was there. Pretending that she had only just realized that ye Xingxing was there, she turned to him and smiled.””Junior ye, you haven’t gone back yet?”” ”