Chapter 1772: Young master Lu who has fallen into the vinegar jar (2)

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“Ye Xingxing and Lu yubai had agreed on a summer break, but their plans couldn’t keep up with the changes. ”

“The global College student programming competition had begun. This was an annual competition aimed at showcasing college students ‘creativity, team spirit, and the ability to write programs, analyze, and solve problems under pressure. It was the most influential college student programming competition in the world. ”

“Without a doubt, instructor Wang hoped that ye Xingguang could join the city’s team and participate in the National qualifiers. ”

“Each team was made up of a maximum of three players, and each player must be a student at school with a certain age limit. During the competition, each team had to use one computer to solve seven to 13 problems within five hours with a program written in C, C++, Pascal or Java. ”

“After the program is completed, it will be submitted for judgment. The results of the operation will be judged as correct or wrong and the participating team will be notified in time. ”

“At the end of July, the final list was out, and ye Xingxing’s team would represent the country in the National jewel tournament. ”

“The global Finals would start with the wheel of points battle, followed by the PK competition. After the competition, it would be the entire summer vacation. ”

Ye Xingxing had no choice but to break his promise to Lu yubai and follow his classmates and teacher to Washington.

“When Chris heard that ye Xingxing had come to United States, he immediately flew from New York to Washington to look for ye Xingxing. He even treated ye Xingxing, his teachers, and his classmates to a meal. He even held a welcome party in his hotel’s VIP suite. ”

“The teacher and the other two students didn’t expect ye Xingxing to have friends in America. The problem was that this friend was so handsome, and more importantly, he could speak Chinese. ”

“Although his pronunciation was stiff and he had a foreign accent, it did not hinder everyone’s communication. ”

“Ever since they were young, ye Xingkong liked to speak in Chinese, so she had asked her friends to find a Chinese teacher to prevent ye Xingkong from scolding them for not understanding. ”

“Everyone had a great time, and ye Xingxing even posted on his moments to thank Chris. ”

“Not long after, Lu yubai called.””Have you eaten?”” ”

“Ye Xingxing lay comfortably on his bed, stretching lazily.””””It’s noon for you, but it’s midnight for us here. What’s there to eat? I’m going to sleep. “” ”

“””Where did you go to play at night?”” Lu yubai asked softly. ”

“””I have a friend from New York. He treated us to a meal and even threw a simple party to welcome us. I have the final say, but Americans like to throw parties.”” Ye Xingkong had a helpless expression on his face. ”

“””A friend I met in the U.S.~~”” Lu yubai dragged out the last syllable, but his faint tone was full of interest. ”

“Ye Xingxing didn’t notice anything wrong at all. He smiled and replied,””””Yeah, we were neighbors in the past. We grew up together.”” ”

“Lu yubai continued,””it seems like you two have a good relationship. You’ve been back for so many years. I can’t believe you two still keep in touch.”” ”

“Ye Xingxing smiled.””Yes, we’ve always been in contact. Chris would mail me presents every Christmas. He’s the only one I’ve kept in touch with in the past, but I’ve always been the closest to him …”” ”

“She spoke slowly, completely unaware that Lu yubai’s face was getting more and more serious as he listened to her. ”

“””It’s rare that you two can still maintain such a pure friendship for so many years,”” Lu yubai’s tone was still very light, but it was tinged with a faint coldness. ”