Chapter 1775: Young master Lu who has fallen into a vinegar jar (5)

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“””I’m here to cheer you on. “” Lu yubai laughed in a low voice. When he saw ye Xingkong looking up at her, he raised his hand and gently touched her nose. His eyes were full of love. ”

“Ye Xingxing’s body immediately softened like a boneless snake. He pressed all his weight on Lu yubai and smiled coquettishly.””Aiya … How can you be so good?”” ”

“For someone who couldn’t go abroad as he pleased, he had made a special trip to cheer her on. Ye Xingxing was really touched. He really didn’t want to compete anymore and just go back with Lu yubai. ”

“Seeing that she was boneless and afraid that she would fall, Lu yubai held her waist tightly.””Stand firm, or you’ll fall.”” ”

“Ye Xingxing hugged his waist again and said softly,””with you around, how can I stand still …”” ”

“Seeing Lu yubai raise his eyebrows slightly, she took the opportunity to tease him again,””””I’m so dazzled by your handsomeness that my legs have gone soft. “” ”

“””Then I’ll have an extra accessory on me when I go out in the future,”” Lu yubai said ambiguously and carried her. Ye Xingxing quickly took out the room card, opened the door, and the two entered the room together. ”

“She hooked her arms around Lu yubai’s neck and asked with a smile,””””Do you feel like you’re carrying your bride home?”” ”

“””No,”” Lu yubai replied decisively. He could eat directly when he carried the bride home, but it was not the right time yet. ”

“Ye Xingchen pretended to be in low spirits.””I was just complimenting you. How can you not take it?”” ”

“Lu yubai kissed her forehead and said,””””How can carrying a bride be better than carrying a precious baby?”” ”

“Ye Xingxing couldn’t help but laugh, revealing his beautiful white teeth.””I like to hear that. Since I like it, I’ve decided to take you to have fun tomorrow. Where do you want to go?”” ”

“””I’m on a business trip,”” Lu yubai replied.””I’m here to see you.”” ”

“This meant that he couldn’t wander around. Ye Xingxing was a little disappointed.””Then how many days will you be staying here?”” ”

“””I’ll arrive today, tomorrow’s the day, and I’ll be back the day after tomorrow.”” ”

“So fast? Ye Xingxing’s heart was filled with reluctance. She acted cute and spoiled.””Can’t you stay for two more days?”” ”

“Lu yubai said softly,””I also want to accompany you for a few more days.”” ”

Ye Xingxing was particularly disappointed. He had originally wanted to play for a few more days.

“However, she had a strong self-recovery ability, so it didn’t matter if she thought about it. She was already very happy to be able to see Lu yubai and play for another day. ”

“””There’s still half a month. I’m going back anyway. Let’s have some fun then. “” ”

“Ye Xingxing had asked for leave from the teacher, so he wouldn’t be having dinner with him and his classmates. She decided to take Lu yubai out for some good food. ”

“Just as she was choosing a few places to go to and discussing with Lu yubai, she received a call from Chris. ”

Chris had invited her to dinner and a party.

“Americans had an endless stream of parties. Sometimes, they would have a party every day of the week. ”

“Before, if he had nothing to do, he would have brought his teacher and classmates out to play. But now that Lu yubai was here, ye Xingxing obviously wouldn’t agree to the appointment. ”

She immediately rejected him and said that her boyfriend was here and she wanted to accompany him.

Chris was surprised to hear that ye Xingxing had a boyfriend. He was filled with curiosity about her boyfriend and enthusiastically invited ye Xingxing to come along.

“Ye Xingkong still refused. It was rare for her and Lu yubai to meet each other. Of course, they had to spend some alone time. Who wanted to hang out with that group of frisky monkeys? ”