Chapter 1777: Young master Lu who has fallen into a jar of jealousy (7)

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Chris seemed to like Lu yubai a lot. He always tried to find a topic to chat with Lu yubai about the differences between life in China and United States

“Although Lu yubai’s expression was calm, his manners were elegant and gentlemanly. He was also knowledgeable and well-read. No matter what Chris and his classmates asked him, he could answer them accurately, clearly, and persuasively. ”

Ye Xingxing could clearly feel her classmates ‘eyes light up when they looked at Lu yubai.

“Especially Chris, when he looked at Lu yubai, there was a hint of admiration in his eyes. However, it was nothing much. Their usual expressions were very exaggerated. ”

“However, the most popular person had suddenly changed from him to Lu yubai. Lu yubai was so focused on chatting with her classmates that he ignored her. Ye Xingkong felt a sense of loneliness from being excluded. He was not very happy. He tugged at Lu yubai and wanted him to respond to her. ”

“However, Lu yubai patted her head, put his arm around her shoulder, and continued to chat with Chris. ”

Ye Xingkong was speechless.

“If she didn’t remember wrongly, Lu yubai didn’t like Chris and didn’t allow her to hang out too much with him. He was also very unhappy when he found out that she accepted Chris’s gift. Why was he so close to Chris now? ”

“Little did she know that Lu yubai had always been worried and had been observing and testing Chris from the beginning to the end, trying to figure out if he had any ulterior motives against ye Xingxing. ”

The dinner party was a joyous and harmonious one.

Chris had a good impression of Lu yubai and hoped to be friends with him.

“Lu yubai saw that Chris didn’t seem to have any feelings for ye Xingxing, so he invited Chris and ye Xingxing’s other classmates to come to China. ”

“Chris really wanted to visit, but Lu yubai was out on official business, so he couldn’t go around. ”

Ye Xingxing helped Lu yubai and rejected Chris’s and his classmates ‘invitations. He planned to take Lu yubai around the next day.

There happened to be a Park not far away. It was one of the oldest parks in the United States and was famous for its colorful natural landscapes.

“The air in the park was fresh, and the flowers and plants were beautiful. ”

“At any time, one could see the murmuring stream, the elegant bridge, and the dense forest. It was like a Peach Garden. ”

“Ye Xingxing spread his hands, enjoying the beauty of nature as he said to Lu yubai,””””This place is beautiful, isn’t it?”” ”

“Lu yubai walked to her side and put his arm around her shoulder.””Yes, it’s beautiful, but I think the scenery around my camp is better.”” ”

“Ye Xingchen smiled.””I heard that there’s a waterfall next to your camp. It really does flow down 3000 feet. It’s as magnificent as the Milky Way falling from the nine Heavens. When we get back, can you take me there to see it?”” ”

“””Alright,”” he said. ”

Lu yubai smiled lovingly and gently.

“It was as if the surrounding flowers and trees had all softened. If Zhan xuantian and yang Wenke were here, they would definitely think that they had seen a fake Captain. ”

The two of them went back after shopping for a while.

“In the hotel’s elevator, someone was pushing a food delivery cart in. The space in the elevator was limited, so ye Xingkong subconsciously stepped back. However, there were other guests behind him. Lu yubai immediately reached out and protected ye Xingkong in his arms. ”

Ye Xingkong also leaned into Lu yubai’s arms.

“Lu yubai could clearly feel her softness through the thin T-shirt. She was pressed tightly against his chest, and his hand around ye Xingkong’s waist subconsciously tightened … ”