Chapter 1783: A fake relationship (3)

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“Luo Xue ‘er was so angry that she gritted her teeth. She wanted to curse out loud, but when she saw so many people around, she could only continue to put on the airs of a goddess and sarcastically say,””””Some people are really good at this. They’re the third party and can still look innocent.”” ”

“She had liked Lu yubai for so many years, and no one was more suitable for him than her. It was all ye Xingxing’s fault. If it weren’t for her, Lu yubai would have been with her a long time ago. ”

“””Third party, you really know how to make yourself look good. Lu yubai isn’t my brother, he won’t be fooled by a few words. Let me tell you, Lu yubai doesn’t like anyone other than ye Xingxing. Even if he likes someone else, even if it’s me, he wouldn’t like a public bus like you, who has slept with countless men!!”” ”

“Lin zhiqiao didn’t care about her image at all. She always scolded whatever she wanted to say, and after that, she pulled ye Xingxing away. ”

Luo Xue ‘er’s face was red with anger. She could only run away angrily in the face of the people around her.

“This incident spread like wildfire. In the end, not many people spread the news about ye Xingxing and Lu yubai. After all, Lu yubai hadn’t appeared in school for a long time. Even if ye Xingxing openly broke the school rules and fell in love, there had to be proof. His other half, Lu yubai, hadn’t appeared. What kind of love was he in? ”

“However, Luo Xue ‘er fell from the altar. ”

“Ever since that incident, Luo Xue ‘er would even argue with Lin zhiqiao and give ye Xingkong a hard time when no one was around. ”

“However, when there were people around, she would see ye Xingtian and Lin zhiqiao turn around and leave. She was afraid that Lin zhiqiao and ye Xingtian would continue to ruin her reputation. ”

“Days passed, and winter vacation came again. Lu yubai still hadn’t returned, and there was still no call or message from him. ”

“However, on Valentine’s Day, she received a bouquet of flowers. Although she didn’t have a card and couldn’t tell who the sender was, ye Xingxing felt that it was Lu yubai who sent it. ”

“She placed the flowers in a vase and placed them on the desk. As she looked at them, she felt a tall figure come to her side and reach out to touch her head. ”

“Her heart was beating wildly, and she turned around subconsciously. However, there was nothing there. She was still alone in the room. ”

“At this moment, she couldn’t hold back the sourness at the tip of her nose, and tears fell down. ”

“When would he be back? they had been together for more than two years, but until now, she had never personally confessed to him. She had always said that he was so handsome and that she liked his smile. She had never seriously said,””I like you, or I love you.”” ”

“If he still didn’t appear, she would tell others that she liked him and that she loved him. ”

“Ye Xingxing received another invitation from Wang haiting. This time, Wang haiting needed her help and wanted her to join her team. ”

This was a formal invitation to her to join the research team she was currently in.

“Moreover, Wang haiting was the leader of this research team. Wang haiting didn’t tell her what she was researching on over the phone and said that she would tell her when they met. ”

“Originally, ye Xingguang hadn’t let it go, thinking that it was probably some kind of virus or program. ”

“However, before she left, she was called to the principal’s office. The principal told her very seriously that she must assist Wang haiting. ”

What kind of mission?

Ye Xingkong’s curiosity was piqued. He had an inexplicable intuition that this mission might have something to do with Lu yubai.