Chapter 1785: A fake relationship (5)

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It was the start of a new year. Ye Xingkong took two days off to complete the admission procedures and returned to the Research Institute.

Professor Wang was going to attend an Academic Exchange. Wang haiting was supposed to accompany her to see the latest Academic Exchange and see if there would be any breakthroughs in their Ai project research.

“But that day, Wang haiting had a meeting that couldn’t be postponed. ”

“She said to professor Wang,””what do you think about asking star sky to accompany you?”” She used to be my assistant and has already learned 80% of my skills. “” ”

“””I …”” Ye Xingguang pointed at himself. “”I’ve only been your assistant for slightly more than a month. I haven’t even learned one-tenth of what you have.”” ”

“””Don’t be humble. I believe you can do it. “” Wang haiting patted ye Xingxing’s shoulder and said,””””You only need to record the content. We can discuss and study it together when we return.”” ”

“””Then, Mr. Wang, what do you think …”” Ye Xingkong actually didn’t want to go. ”

“””Okay, okay, okay, then you’ll come with me to the starry sky.”” Professor Wang was quite happy to go with him to the starry sky. He could have a drink or two later, but Wang haiting didn’t allow him to drink. ”

“Little did he know that Wang haiting had specifically told ye Xingxing to stop professor Wang from drinking, not even a glass. ”

“The academic Exchange was held on a yacht. The interior decoration of the yacht was simple and bright, integrating classic European and Oriental styles together. It was rich and elegant. ”

“Ye Xingxing followed behind professor Wang and entered the main hall of the yacht. Many scholars had already arrived, and men and women were gathered in groups of twos and threes, chatting warmly. ”

“Seeing that professor Wang had arrived, a few familiar faces immediately walked over and started chatting with him enthusiastically. Everyone was talking about their specializations, and ye Xingxing didn’t quite understand a lot of what they were talking about, so he just followed behind the professor and smiled politely. ”

“The waiter came over, and a middle-aged scholar picked up two glasses of wine and handed one to professor Wang. ”

“Ye Xingxing immediately reached out to stop him. He looked at the middle-aged scholar and said apologetically, “”I’m very sorry, professor Wang can’t drink. Can I change the wine to a drink?”” ”

“There was an elegant lady next to him. She should be an acquaintance of professor Wang. She immediately smiled and said,””””I didn’t expect that Xiaoting wouldn’t come today, but a little housekeeper would come.”” ”

The crowd around them immediately burst into laughter.

“Professor Wang glared at ye Xingxing like an old child.””””I’m not drinking anything. Go get me a glass of water. “” ”

“””Okay, professor, please wait a moment.”” ”

“Ye Xingkong wanted to call for a waiter, but he didn’t see one, so she could only pour herself. ”

“However, before he left, ye Xingkong looked at the lady and said with a smile, “”I’ll have to trouble you to help me take a look. “” ”

“The lady smiled and nodded. After ye Xingxing left, she smiled at professor Wang and said,””””This one is even more powerful than little ting.”” ”

“””Don’t even mention it. None of them are likable …””Professor Wang said with a sullen face. ”

“Ye Xingxing walked to the service area, picked up a clean cup, and placed it under the water dispenser. Then, he turned it on and filled it with water. ”

“While she was waiting, her eyes casually swept to the side. Then, her body suddenly stiffened. ”

“Under the light of the corridor in front, a tall figure walked past elegantly. Although he was facing sideways, although he could only see half of his face, and although they hadn’t seen each other for more than a year, ye Xingxing was sure that it was Lu yubai … ”