Chapter 1789: A fake relationship (9)

Translator: 549690339

“Professor Wang was used to seeing all kinds of storms and experiencing all kinds of difficulties in life. In the face of death under the gun’s muzzle, he was still very calm. He looked at the knife-scarred man and replied,””What I’m giving you is real, but some of them are ciphertexts. Since you’re asking me for the research report, you should know that this report was researched by the third professor. The ciphertexts were all part of my research and have been decrypted. The ciphertexts were from the other two professors. I don’t know what they are either. We’re also in the process of deciphering the report.”” ”

“The knife-scarred man’s phone rang. When he took out his phone, he looked up at the second floor and then answered the call. ”

“Ye Xingxing also took a careful look at the screen and saw that “”Lu yubai”” was also holding a phone. If she guessed correctly,””Lu yubai”” was probably talking to the knife-scarred man. ”

“It was unknown what he had heard, but the knife-scarred man said “”got it.”” After hanging up the phone, he ordered his subordinates,””””Retreat immediately, and bring this old man with you.”” He pointed at professor Wang. ”

“What? After taking professor Wang away, ye Xingchen panicked. ”

“The first time she went out with professor Wang, she had already lost him. How could that be? moreover, professor Wang was already so old. How could he withstand such a torment? she did not even need to think to know that if professor Wang was taken away by them, he would not be able to come back. ”

“Almost subconsciously, ye Xingkong stood up and reached out to grab professor Wang. ”

“Someone immediately pointed a gun at ye Xingxing. The calm professor Wang finally turned pale with fright and shouted,””””Don’t hurt her. I’ll go with you. “” ”

“Ye Xingchen looked at professor Wang and shook his head worriedly. Then, he turned to the scar-faced man and said, “”It’s useless for you to take the professor away. His part has already been written. The person you’re taking away is me. I’m the one who will crack the code.”” ”

“””What do you mean?!!”” The knife-scarred man looked at ye Xingxing with interest. ”

“””The professor just said that his part is already plain text, while the other two’s research reports are ciphertexts. We’re in the process of deciphering them, and I’m the one they hired to do it.”” Sensing that they didn’t believe him, ye Xingxing added,””””As you can see, the computer is with me. The professor came to get it from me.”” ”

“The knife-scarred man narrowed his eyes. He had some doubts in his heart, but just in case, he ordered,””””Take both of them away!”” ”

“Of course, ye Xingchen couldn’t let them take professor Wang away. He immediately looked at the knife-scarred man and tried to negotiate. “”There’s no point in taking the professor away. If you take professor Wang away, you’ll die at most. If I die, I can guarantee that no one else will be able to decipher these codes, because I’ve added another layer of encryption to the one I’ve already decoded.”” ”

“The knife-scarred man laughed as if he had heard an international joke. He waved his gun and laughed.””Ha, little girl, you’re really arrogant.”” ”

“He suddenly pointed his gun at he Jue.””You really think I’m a vegetarian and don’t dare to kill you?!”” ”

“The black muzzles in front of him were suffocating, and ye Xingxing felt his entire body go numb. ”

“However, she had a faint smile on her face and said nonchalantly,””””If you don’t believe me, you can ask the people around you. I don’t believe that you don’t have hackers who are proficient in computers. Ask them if they know smiley and see if there are any programs that can crack the password she wrote.”” ”