Chapter 1790: A fake relationship (10)

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“Hearing this, the knife-scarred man subconsciously looked at the man who was talking to him. When the man heard the smile, a trace of surprise flashed in his eyes. ”

“He took a deep look at the knife-scarred man, then took two steps forward and said two more words in the knife-scarred man’s ear. ”

“After he finished speaking, he stepped back and stood to the side. ”

Ye Xingkong didn’t know what he was saying.

She was afraid that this person had not heard smiling’s name. She was also afraid that this person was more powerful than her and had the confidence to crack the password she had set.

“But on the surface, she was still smiling like a breeze, until the knife-scarred man suddenly approached her. ”

“The cold and hard muzzle of the gun was pressed against her forehead. That cold touch made ye Xingxing’s breathing stop, and his heart trembled. ”

Did she bet on the wrong person …

“Professor Wang was so scared that his body trembled. He immediately rushed to the side and shouted at the knife-scarred man,””””Don’t hurt her!”” ”

“””Shut the F * ck up, do you believe that I’ll kill you right now?”” The knife-scarred man turned his gun and quickly pointed it at professor Wang. ”

Ye Xingkong was very anxious. What should he do?

“Was she really going to let them take professor Wang away? even if they did, she had to follow them. She couldn’t let professor Wang fall into The Tiger’s Den alone. ”

“At that moment, a slender hand suddenly reached over and directly snatched the gun from the knife-scarred man’s hand. He said two words coldly,””””Enough!”” ”

A familiar voice caused ye Xingkong to raise his eyes.

“Then, she saw the man standing under the light. It was the man who looked like Lu yubai. Was he really not Lu yubai? ”

“He should be. After all, even his voice sounded so similar. ”

“The scar-faced man was in disbelief. He probably didn’t expect “”Lu yubai”” to have the ability to take his gun. ”

“He looked at “”Lu yubai”” with a stern expression,””””What do you mean by that?”” ”

“””Listen to me for today’s operation!”” “”Lu yubai”” said coldly, word by word. ”

“Scar looked at Chen Chaoyang with a dark expression. The man beside him said to him,””we don’t have much time.”” ”

“He gritted his teeth and ordered his subordinates.””Take her with you. Let’s go!”” He was referring to ye Xingkong. ”

Someone immediately walked up to ye Xingxing and pulled her out.

“Professor Wang’s face was pale, and he tried to grab ye Xingxing, but the man pushed him away. Professor Wang lost his balance and fell to the ground. ”

“Ye Xingguang, on the other hand, subconsciously glanced at “”Lu yubai.”” ”

“His eyes were very cold, without any warmth. He did not have any objections to taking her away. ”

“Ye Xingxing’s heart sank. The protection she had hoped for was probably not enough, so all she could do was save herself. Since this scar was willing to take her away, then she was still safe for now. ”

“He was thrown into a speedboat. After a while, the knife-scarred man and “”Lu yubai”” also brought two people up. ”

The speedboat immediately set off for the open sea.

“After they entered international waters, they took off their masks. It was the knife-scarred man and “”Lu yubai”” that she had met earlier. ”

Ye Xingxing finally understood why these people had chosen to make their move today. It was truly a convenient and quick way to escape.

“They were covering their faces so that no one would know their true identities. They were also very smart to not choose to kill anyone within the country, so it was impossible for them to issue an international A-rank wanted order. ”