Chapter 1791: A fake relationship (11)

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“The pair of gold-rimmed eyes on “”Lu yubai”” ‘s nose bridge added a sense of forbidden sexiness to him, but it also added a sense of danger and mystery to him. ”

“However, he and the knife-scarred man didn’t seem to get along. They sat on opposite sides and looked at each other, ready to attack. The air was filled with danger. ”

“At this time, the knife-scarred man’s eyes fell on ye Xingxing, like a lion staring at its prey, as if he was going to tear her apart in the next second. ”

“Ye Xingxing’s fear reached an unprecedented level. She thought for a moment, then turned to look at Dao BA.””What are you looking at?”” ”

The knife-scarred man glared at her and was speechless.

“””Terrorists are scary, but hackers are just as scary.”” Ye Xingguang glared back. ”

“””Hehe, I’ll kill you now. I’ll see how terrifying you are. Or rather, I’ll throw you to a hundred men later. After they take turns, I’ll ask you what it means to be afraid. “” The knife-scarred man threatened. ”

“””I think you guys should be terrorists. The biggest difference between you and ordinary people is that you’re not afraid of death. However, you didn’t kill anyone today, which means you’re not really unafraid of death. But what should I do? I’m not afraid of death now. “” ”

Ye Xingkong said indifferently.

“””If you kill me, then the report you received will be useless. If you don’t kill me and throw me to a hundred men, then I won’t die in the end. As long as I don’t die, as long as you give me the computer, I can guarantee that I will show you how terrifying a crazy hacker is. I will clear all the bank accounts of you and your family, leaving you with not a single cent. I will also publish your photo on the internet and announce all the crimes you have committed. Don’t think that you have done it cleanly. As long as you’ve left a trace on the computer or phone, even if you delete it, I’ll still have a way to get it out even if you’re crazy. “” ”

“As Dao BA listened, he laughed fiercely and raised his hand to hit ye Xingxing! ”

Ye Xing Kong closed his eyes subconsciously.

“The pain didn’t come. Ye Xingkong opened one eye and saw “”Lu yubai”” holding the knife-scarred man’s hand. ”

“The knife-scarred man glared at “”Lu yubai”” coldly,””””Chen Chaoyang, don’t think that I won’t do anything to you just because you’re Mr. Chen’s son.”” ”

“As soon as he finished his sentence, the two men behind him immediately pointed their guns at “”Lu yubai””, no, it should be Chen Chaoyang. ”

The two men behind Chen Chaoyang also pointed their guns at the knife-scarred man and his men.

They all pulled out their guns in unison. Was this a civil war?

That’s not right. This Chen Chaoyang didn’t allow the scar-faced man to slap her. Could he be Lu yubai?

“Although she was very cold now, she had an inexplicable feeling that this was Lu yubai. ”

“Ye Xingguang didn’t know why, but the moment he thought of Lu yubai, he wasn’t afraid anymore. A familiar voice rang in his ear,””brother Dao, my patience is limited!”” ”

It was very cold. There was no fluctuation or temperature.

“The knife-scarred man sneered and warned,””””I don’t think so … You’re going against me for a brat like her?”” ”

“Chen Chaoyang looked at him indifferently, but the words he said were extremely cold.””You killed her. Have you thought of the consequences? If we bring back a useless report, have you considered what the higher-ups will do to you?”” ”

The knife-scarred man gritted his teeth.

“If it wasn’t for the fact that he had considered it, he would have killed this brat long ago. ”