Chapter 1799: A fake relationship (19)

“Lu yubai’s hand gently rested on the curves of her back, gently stroking back and forth to comfort her. He buried his head in her neck and reluctantly breathed in her fragrance,””””Even if you know it’s me, you still have to be afraid. These people are not what you see on the surface.”” ”

It was also fortunate that her frivolous words were what Island Master Chen liked to hear.

“As she hugged Lu yubai, it was as if she could feel the sun in the dark. Warmth gathered in her heart, melting all the ice and snow. ”

“””Who said it’s because of you? don’t be so smug …”” She pouted. ”

“As he spoke, he tried to push Lu yubai away. ”

“However, Lu yubai had already wrapped his arms around her waist and his lips gently fell on her forehead,””””We haven’t seen each other for so long, don’t you miss me?”” ”

“””What do I miss you for? What’s there to think about when a person leaves a message and then disappears?”” Thinking about how pitiful and miserable he had been when he had believed him, ye Xingguang couldn’t help but feel a little angry. ”

“””Something happened during the mission,”” Lu yubai said softly.””There were some things that I had to do. Other than me, no one else was suitable. The situation was urgent, so I had to continue.”” ”

“As he spoke, he used his fingers to help her smooth her hair.””You should be safe now because they need you to decipher it. You can stay with the island master as before. I will find a suitable opportunity to send you away, but you will have to stay here for a while.”” ”

“””What about you? When are you leaving?”” Ye Xing Kong asked. ”

“””I can’t leave yet?”” ”

“””What is the mission?”” ”

“””It’s a long story, and I can’t spend too much time with you. I’ll tell you later. “” As Lu yubai spoke, he kissed her deeply on the lips until ye Xingxing’s lips were swollen and moist. ”

“When Lu yubai left, ye Xingxing was once again placed under house arrest in his room. However, it was completely different from before. She inexplicably found a sense of peace. ”

“Before she confirmed that Chen Chaoyang was Lu yubai, she was afraid. It was like she was floating in the boundless sky, unable to go up or down. After seeing Lu yubai, she suddenly felt like she was landing. ”

“Although she still didn’t know what mission Lu yubai was on and what kind of danger he would encounter next, it didn’t matter anymore. In her heart, Lu yubai was omnipotent. ”

“In the worst case scenario, even if she and Lu yubai were to die Here, it would be fine as long as they were together. ”

She didn’t know what Lu yubai said to Island Master Chen after he left.

“That night, Island Master Chen called someone to call her downstairs. ”

“After ye Xingxing went downstairs, he not only saw Island Master Chen, but also brother scar. The two were eating. ”

“When he saw her, scar bro slowly picked up the porcelain cup on the table and took a sip. His eyes were filled with coldness. ”

“Ye Xingkong ignored him and smiled at Island Lord Chen.””””Greetings, Island Lord.”” ”

“The island master glanced at ye Xingkong. No one on the island looked at her, but she was always smiling. ”

“He had to admit that if it wasn’t for her identity, he would really want to keep them on this Island. ”

“””Have a seat.”” ”

“””It’s me,””he said. Ye Xingxing looked flattered, and then he was moved to tears.””””Island Lord, I really didn’t feel wrong. You’re exactly like my kind uncle.”” ”