Chapter 1801: A fake relationship (21)

“Scar song’s anger was rising, and he couldn’t suppress it any longer. He waved his hand, wanting to hit ye Xingxing. ”

“””Stop!”” Island Master Chen frowned and shouted to stop him. His face darkened and he said unhappily,””What are you doing? why are you so calculative with a little girl?”” ”

“Scarface bro’s anger had hardened. He looked coldly at ye Xingchen’s jubilant expression, and from the bottom of his heart, he wanted to kill him. ”

She couldn’t eat anymore.

“He snorted.””Island master, I still have things to do. I’ll take my leave first.”” ”

“As he spoke, he pulled out his chair and strode away without looking at the island master’s face. ”

“Ye Xingxing looked at his back, then at Island Master Chen, and said apologetically, “”I’m very sorry for driving him away again. But he really went too far.”” ”

She still wanted to make things difficult for brother scar.

“This was because scar bro was especially impolite to Lu yubai. He always looked down on Lu yubai, as if he couldn’t even be compared to Lu yubai’s finger. ”

“””Alright, let’s eat.”” Island Master Chen said with a dark face. ”

“””Thank you, Island master.”” Ye Xingkong thanked him profusely. She didn’t continue to make things up, because she could clearly sense the island master’s dissatisfaction with brother Scarface. ”

She knew when to stop.

“Ever since Island Master Chen had called ye Xingxing down to eat, he could go down to eat every day and even move around freely for a while. Although there were people following him everywhere he went, it was really much better to be locked up in a small room. ”

“Moreover, after she was able to move, she accidentally heard some important information about the island. ”

This brother Scarface had been following Island Master Chen since he was young. Island Master Chen had raised him as if he was his son.

“Before Chen Chaoyang came back, Island Master Chen had said that everything on the island would belong to brother scar, so he gave him a lot of power. ”

“However, more than a year ago, Island Master Chen’s son, who was studying abroad, suddenly returned and did not leave. He had the intention to stay and inherit the island master’s family business. ”

“Island Master Chen had many women in his life, but he only had one son. Of course, he wanted to give the best to his son, so he hid it from everyone. He sent His Son away when he was born and asked his confidant to take care of him. Even if he missed his son, he didn’t dare to look at him, for fear that his enemies would target his son. ”

He wanted to give his son a pure world and not live a life of blood and blades like himself.

“However, now that his son was in trouble, he could only hide on this Island. That was his son, so of course, he wanted to give the entire Island to his son, not an outsider. ”

Brother Scarface sensed it.

He had been following the island master since he was a child and had been through a lot. He had almost lost his life several times and had done his best for this Island. How could the island master’s son come back and snatch it when he had clearly said it was his?

Scar bro wasn’t having it.

He held the lifeline of the island in his hands and also had his own confidants.

It would not be easy for the island master to take back all the power from him and hand it over to his son.

“Therefore, although the island still belonged to Island Master Chen, it had been divided into two factions. ”

“On the surface, scar bro didn’t make things difficult for the island master, mainly because the people behind him all felt that he was loyal, and he didn’t dare to do anything openly. ”

“However, in his heart, he had already decided that he was the owner of this Island. ”