Chapter 1802: A fake relationship (22)

“Ye Xingkong knew all the details because of her “”little bodyguard”” Xiao du. ”

“Du was Chen Chaoyang’s loyal supporter, while Charlie, who was carrying a gun in the yard downstairs, was scar bro’s loyal supporter. ”

“Yesterday, when ye Xingxing was out on his own, little du and Charlie had gotten into an argument. ”

“Charlie scolded Chen Chaoyang for being a useless rich second generation. If it were not for the island master, he would be nothing. ”

“Meanwhile, du scolded scar bro for being cold-blooded, narrow-minded, and not a man. ”

“Little du was so angry that ye Xingxing asked him what was wrong in a low voice, and he told him a lot of things. ”

“Ye Xingxing combined what he saw and heard, as well as the argument between little du and Charlie, and deduced everything. ”

Little du was gay. He was Chen Chaoyang’s die-hard fan. He said that his biggest goal in life was to spend the night with Chen Chaoyang.

“He didn’t care if he once had it, he only cared about how long it would last. ”

“If he didn’t know that Chen Chaoyang was Lu yubai, ye Xingxing might have encouraged him. Love doesn’t discriminate between gender. Keep it up, and one day, you’ll sleep with the man you love. ”

“But F * ck … You want to sleep with my man. Ye Xingxing’s face darkened, and he didn’t want to say a word. ”

“Although ye Xingxing knew some things about the island, she still couldn’t figure out Lu yubai’s purpose of pretending to be Island Master Chen’s son. ”

“She really wanted to see Lu yubai again, but he had disappeared for a few days. The reason why he dared to disappear like this was because he had made arrangements. Xiao du was probably someone Lu yubai had arranged. ”

“Today, little du and that Charlie had quarreled again. ”

“Ye Xingxing really wanted to know if Charlie was gay, because every time she saw the two of them fight, it was like she was watching a love-hate couple. ”

Ye Xingguang could only be in the designated area for each event.

She saw that little du and Charlie were still quarreling and they didn’t notice her at all. She immediately thought of the river she saw under her house and the boat on the river. She wanted to turn around and go to the front yard to observe.

“Although little du and Charlie quarreled every day, they weren’t so focused on their quarrels. ”

“If he didn’t take the opportunity to go over and take a look today, he didn’t know when he would have the next opportunity. ”

“She looked around vigilantly. After making sure that no one was paying attention to her, she immediately walked to the front yard. Because there were people guarding the gate, there was no one standing guard in the front yard. ”

“As ye Xingxing walked, he kicked his legs and waved his hands from time to time, as if he were exercising. ”

“She quickly reached the front courtyard. The smooth journey made her happy. However, the next second, she saw Island Master Chen standing in the courtyard in a horse stance. ”

“Ye Xingxing’s hand was halfway through the motion when he suddenly froze. The next second, he grinned and said,””Good afternoon, Island Master Chen.”” ”

“As if practicing Qigong, Island Master Chen retracted his palm and stood up. He took the towel on the side and wiped his sweat while looking at ye Xingxing and asking,””””Who allowed you to come here?”” ”

“””No one made way for me. I was exercising while walking and looking at the flowers and plants. I came here unknowingly. Is this because I can’t come?”” With that, ye Xingxing’s face changed slightly, and he hurriedly covered his mouth, looking dumbfounded and helpless. ”