Chapter 1803: A fake relationship (23)

“””Do you exercise often?”” Island Master Chen looked at her indifferently. ”

“Ye Xingxing quickly smiled.””””That’s for sure. I’m a military school student, so I have to pass the Physical Fitness Test. Otherwise, I’ll be kicked out of the school. “” ”

“Island Master Chen snorted coldly.””She’s a girl. Why does she need physical fitness? why does she need to go to the military school? she’s wasting her time.”” ”

“Ye Xingxing blinked, looking at him in confusion.””””What do you mean I’m messing around? I’m not in good health, but after I went to military school, I’m much better. I don’t catch a cold anymore. In the past, I would be panting just by climbing the stairs, but I won’t do it anymore.”” ”

“Island Master Chen said,””if you want to train your body well, you can do it at home. Why do you have to go to the military school?”” ”

“””I’ll get lazy at home, and I won’t want to move when I’m in bed,””ye Xingxing said, spreading his hands. ”

“Island Master Chen had the mind of a man.””If you don’t want to, then don’t move. Women should give birth at home.”” ”

“Ye Xing Kong pouted. If it was his son, he should have slept with a woman a day. Now, it was a woman who should have children at home. ”

“This person couldn’t have transmigrated from ancient times, right? ”

“Seeing that ye Xingxing didn’t reply, Island Master Chen’s face darkened.””What? did I say something wrong?”” ”

“””I can’t say that you’re wrong, but it’s not right either. It’s just your point of view. Everyone has their own opinions.”” Of course, she wanted to say that it was wrong, but she thought about it and decided not to. ”

“On the surface, this Island Master Chen looked very easy to talk to, but in fact, he was particularly overbearing and self-centered. He was used to giving orders. ”

“Within the boundaries he set, he was willing to indulge you, but outside the boundaries, he would be ruthless. ”

“Island Master Chen sat down on the chair and crossed his legs,””””If you were to stay at home and find someone to marry, would you come to me?”” ”

“””I wouldn’t have known you if I hadn’t come here, Uncle Island master,”” ye Xingxing said, sweetly calling out and smiling.””Actually, I think you’re quite a good person.”” ”

“Island Master Chen looked at ye Xingxing with a faint smile. He picked up his teacup, obviously not believing him. ”

“Whether he believed it or not, ye Xingchen looked up at the sky. ”

“It would have been better if she hadn’t looked. With this glance, she saw a person upstairs. She couldn’t see his face clearly, but he had reached out a hand and pushed the potted plant on the balcony. The potted plant fell down directly, and its position just happened to be above Island Master Chen. ”

“Ye Xingguang didn’t think too much about it at the time, and he blurted out,””Be careful,”” he warned. ”

“Then, his body moved forward uncontrollably and he pushed Island Master Chen. ”

“As Island Master Chen fell to the ground with his chair, a “”bang!”” Was heard in the air. Clang! Clang! There were two loud sounds. ”

“This crisp sound caused ye Xingchen’s eyes to widen in fear. Oh my, my head hurts so much, so … The potted plant … Hit her head. ”

oh! my god! Is there a mistake!

“She only wanted to remind him, not save him. Why did the potted plant fall on her head? ”

“Suddenly feeling dizzy, ye Xingxing took a step back, his vision turning black, and he fainted. ”

“His consciousness finally stopped at the island Master’s Voice,””””Hey, little girl …”” ”

“When ye Xingxing woke up again, he found himself lying on the bed, his head aching as if he had been hit by a stick. ”

“Little du stood next to her, looking at her with a face full of worry. Seeing that she was awake, he immediately shouted,””””The girl is awake …”” ”

“Before he could finish, the island master slapped him on the head.””””You’re so rude! Who are you to call her a girl?!!”” ”