Chapter 1804: A fake relationship (24)

Ye Xingkong was speechless.

“After Island Master Chen called her a girl, everyone on the island called her that. If it wasn’t a girl, it was a stinky girl. Little girl. Other than Lu yubai, the island master had heard it wrong. This was the first time he had heard him correct her. ”

“””You’ve finally woken up?”” Island Master Chen walked to the bed and sat down. He looked at ye Xingxing and asked, “”How’s your head? do you feel uncomfortable anywhere?”” ”

“The concern in this Island master’s eyes was very obvious. Ye Xingguang was flattered, and it took him a long time to come back to his senses. He remembered what had happened before she had fainted. Someone had placed a potted plant to harm the island master, and she had wanted to push him away, so she had been hit in the head by the potted plant. ”

“Ah, ah, ah, this was really a disaster from the heavens … No, it should be asking for trouble. ”

“F * ck, should she pretend that she had lost her memory and not remember who she was? Then, he would make this Island master feel guilty and send her away? ”

It was always like this in TV dramas.

“Seeing that ye Xingxing didn’t say anything, Island Master Chen hurriedly called the doctor over to examine ye Xingxing. ”

“Seeing the doctor, ye Xingxing finally remembered his injury and hurriedly asked him how he was. As for pretending to have amnesia, forget it. What if the island master knew that she had lost her memory and wouldn’t unlock it in the future? what if he threw her into the sea? ”

“””The wound is not serious, and it is not a big problem for the time being. However, it is the head, after all, and the structure of the head is the most complicated. We don’t know if there will be any side effects in the future.”” ”

“The doctor said calmly. Then, he raised two fingers and placed them in front of ye Xingxing.””How many are these?”” ”

“Ye Xingxing heaved a sigh of relief when he realized that there wasn’t a hole in her head. However, when he saw the doctor’s finger, his mouth twitched. Was this a follow-up reaction? was she going to become an idiot? ”

“””How many can it be? of course it’s two.”” ”

“Seeing that the doctor was about to continue asking questions, ye Xing Kong rubbed his head,””Alright, don’t ask me anymore. I’m not stupid. I can still decrypt it. It’s just that my head is hurting right now and I can’t work.”” ”

“Island Master Chen immediately said,””decryption is not in a hurry. You have a good rest. You can continue to work after you recover from your injury.”” ”

“””Thank you, Island Lord,”” ye Xingkong replied with a smile. ”

“At this moment, the door was pushed open and Lu yubai quickly walked in. When he saw ye Xingxing lying on the bed and nothing happened to him, he heaved a sigh of relief. Then, he looked at Island Master Chen and asked worriedly,””Dad, are you okay?”” ”

“Island Master Chen thought that his anxious reaction was because he was worried about him. He smiled, “”It’s fine, it’s fine,”” Heavens ”

“As he spoke, Island Master Chen pointed at ye Xingxing, who was lying on the bed, and said with a smile,””””Fortunately, this girl pushed me away.”” ”

“Upon hearing this, Lu yubai’s eyes fell on ye Xingxing. He took two steps forward, his back facing island Master Chen, and said politely to ye Xingxing,””””Thank you for today.”” ”

“However, the way she looked at ye Xingguang was as cold as ice. There was shock, disbelief … And displeasure and anger, and even a little helplessness in wanting to teach her a lesson. ”

Ye Xingxing didn’t have to guess to know what Lu yubai was thinking.

“However, she really just wanted to remind Island Master Chen. She didn’t expect that she would run over and push him away instinctively. ”

“””Alright, let the little girl rest.”” ”

Island Master Chen spoke and walked out first. Lu yubai took a deep look at ye Xingxing before turning to follow Island Master Chen.