Chapter 1805: A fake relationship (25)

“Ye Xingkong rolled his eyes. Seriously, Lu Yu had already saved his life, yet he still made her roll her eyes at him. ”

“However, he didn’t know that Island Master Chen was afraid that Lu yubai would disturb her rest and her recovery, so he took him away. ”

“After Island Master Chen went out, he even ordered someone to stew pig’s brain for her to nourish her brain. ”

“Brother Scarface lived in the small villa next to the villa. After hearing Island Master Chen’s instructions through his subordinates, his expression changed greatly. His face turned into the color of a pig’s liver, and the blue veins next to his temples protruded. ”

He reached out and swept the cup on the table to the ground.

“He stood up and his hands were like an eagle’s claws as he clutched the shoulders of the person who was reporting.””Look at what kind of stupid idea you came up with. You said that as long as this stinky girl is with the island master, he would definitely see her as a jinx when he is injured. Now, the island master directly sees her as his Savior.”” ”

What Savior? it was obvious that the vase wouldn’t kill him.

“He pushed his subordinate to the ground and said,””””Get someone to keep a close eye on that stinky girl. If anything happens, report it immediately.”” ”

“””Yes.”” ”

“Ye Xingxing lay in bed for a day, and the dizziness and swelling disappeared. However, she didn’t want anyone to know that she had fully recovered, so she continued to pretend to be very weak. ”

“Every day on the dining table, there were tonics that Island Master Chen had ordered people to make. Every stew was delicious and nutritious. This surprised ye Xingxing. She didn’t expect Island Master Chen to have such a considerate side. ”

What made her even more flattered was that Island Master Chen actually personally used the public chopsticks to pick up food for her and asked her to eat more.

“The first time, she was so scared that she almost dropped her chopsticks. ”

“In addition, over the past few days, not only was she and Island Master Chen at the dining table, but Lu yubai would also eat with them, but he rarely spoke. ”

“Sometimes, she would take the initiative to talk to Lu yubai, but Lu yubai was always cold. ”

“And ever since she pushed the island master away and helped him block the vase, she could move freely. The island master even told her that if she wanted to go shopping, she could ask Xiao du to take her. ”

“She really wanted to go, she really wanted to go, but she didn’t dare to act rashly. She had to ask Lu yubai and get a clear idea of the villa first. ”

“Now, only the third and fourth floors of the villa were untouched. ”

“The third floor was where Lu yubai lived, and the fourth floor was where the island master lived. ”

“Although she could go anywhere, when Xiao du told her, he still hoped that she would be fine and not run up to the third and fourth floors. ”

“She wanted to ask Lu yubai, but she didn’t have a chance to speak to him alone. ”

“That day, Xiao du didn’t follow her. She just saw Lu yubai go upstairs and the island master went to take a nap. Could she take this opportunity to go upstairs and see Lu yubai and ask him if he could go shopping? ”

Ye Xingchen quietly went upstairs.

“She was really in a fake relationship. There was probably no one else in the world like her, who would be sneaky and worried just to see her boyfriend alone. ”

“On the third floor, just as he pushed open the door to Lu yubai’s undercover agent, a shout came from behind him,””””What are you doing here?”” ”

“Ye Xingkong’s body froze, as if he had been struck. After a while, he turned his head and saw scar bro and the island master. ”

“At this time, little du also ran over anxiously,””””Miss ye, what are you doing here?”” ”

“””What are you doing sneaking up here?”” Scarface asked loudly. ”