Chapter 1807: A fake relationship (27)

“Ever since ye Xingxing had accidentally saved Island Master Chen from the disaster, his favorability with Island Master Chen had been rising rapidly. ”

“Seeing that ye Xingxing didn’t say a word, he assumed that she was frightened. ”

“To Island Master Chen, he really felt that his son should have many women and could sleep with one woman a day. However, his son seemed to be uninterested in all women. ”

“After all, he had grown up abroad, and same-sex marriages in Europe and America were partners, so he was still a little worried. He even thought that his son might like men. ”

“If she really liked men, he couldn’t stop her, nor could he stop her. ”

“However, no matter if he was going to live with a man or a woman in the future, it was necessary to carry on the family line. ”

“He really liked the young lady in front of him. She had good looks, a good character, and was very smart. To be able to become a first-class hacker, her intelligence must not be low. To be able to become his ideal daughter-in-law from being his hostage, he was not confident. ”

“If such a person were to have a grandson with his son in the future, he would definitely be a Dragon among men. ”

“With this thought in mind, Island Master Chen began to think about how to send ye Xingxing to Lu yubai’s bed and let them have their happy ending. ”

“””You really like my son?”” he asked, grinning. ”

“Ye Xingxing shrugged.””Whether I like him or not isn’t the point. You guys said it yourself. He doesn’t like women at all.”” ”

“Island Master Chen said,””how about this … I’ll create an opportunity for you. Consider it as returning the favor of pushing me that day. Tomorrow, I’ll let my son take you shopping. Then, you two will cultivate a positive relationship.”” ”

“Ye Xingkong was overjoyed, but he maintained a calm expression. “”It’s fine if your son is willing. I don’t like to force people. If he is willing, then go. If not, then forget it. “” ”

“She was indirectly asking Lu yubai if he could go shopping. If he couldn ‘t, he would definitely reject her. ”

“If he allowed it, Lu yubai would definitely agree. ”

“As for whether his son would be willing to go shopping with ye Xingkong, Island Lord Chen really didn’t know. ”

“However, for the sake of his grandson, Island Master Chen forced Lu yubai to go shopping with ye Xingxing. ”

“During breakfast the next day, Island Master Chen said that Lu yubai would accompany her to go shopping later and asked her to get closer to Lu yubai. ”

Ye Xingkong was dumbfounded.

She had been thinking about what the island master’s expression would be like when he found out about her true relationship with Lu yubai.

Would he hate them so much that he wanted to roast them over the fire?

“In the front yard, Lu yubai came out of the house in a rice-colored suit. He looked at his son, who was so handsome and Noble. Island Master Chen’s eyes were full of dazzling light. He thought to himself that his son was indeed outstanding and was the best in the world. ”

“Ye Xingxing had also dressed up a little today. His clothes, skirt, and shoes had all been prepared by Island Master Chen. ”

“Her clothes were fine, but her shoes were a little high. ”

“Ye Xingxing didn’t usually wear high heels, so he wouldn’t be able to walk steadily in them. ”

“When she walked to Lu yubai’s side, she lost her balance and fell directly on Lu yubai. ”

“Immediately, Island Master Chen and the driver Xiao DU’s eyes fell on Lu yubai. ”

She was a little nervous. Should she push ye Xingxing away or help him up?

“Lu yubai didn’t move for a long time, only frowning slightly. ”