Chapter 1809: A fake relationship (29)

“When he picked her up just now, he realized how thin she was. Her body was full of bones and she was at least two or three times thinner than she was a year ago. ”

“He had promised her that he would keep her in his heart and warm it up, but now he had to let her enter The Tiger’s Den with him. Moreover, for the sake of the mission, he could not let her leave immediately. ”

“Lu yubai gently kissed ye Xingxing’s lips. The gentle kiss was warm and domineering, like a gentle breeze and drizzling rain. The spring breeze brushed against her face, but with speed and strength, he wantonly absorbed in her mouth. ”

Ye Xingkong was dizzy from the kiss.

“His kiss became deeper and more confusing. His hands on her body became more and more unrestrained, as if he was eager to swallow her whole. ”

“””You’re an idiot,”” He scolded her in a pampering tone and took the opportunity to bite her ear. ”

“The tingling sensation in his ear made ye Xingxing tremble, his body so weak that he didn’t have any strength left. ”

“She looked at him, panting.””You’re not angry? then you were acting just now … I say, your acting is really good. You really inherited this good quality of your mother.”” ”

“With that, ye Xingxing snuggled into his arms.””With your good acting skills and my good luck, you might be able to complete your task in a week.”” ”

“Lu yubai gently pushed her away and touched her nose.””””Where did your inexplicable self-confidence come from?”” ”

“””It’s a feeling. “” Ye Xingkong chuckled. ”

“””You don’t even know what my mission is, but you can already sense the time it takes to complete it. You’re pretty good, aren’t you?”” Lu yubai teased her. ”

“””Then why don’t you tell me the mission’s content?”” Ye Xingkong felt that he didn’t want to say it. ”

“””You know that to you …”” ”

“Before Lu yubai could finish his rejection, ye Xingxing interrupted him,””””You’ve changed!”” ”

“What? Lu yubai laughed and spread his hands.””I …”” How did she change? she was just cold in the mission. ”

“Ye Xingguang interrupted him again.””If I had asked you this before, you definitely would have told me. No matter what I said, you would have listened to me. But now, I’ve been forced to join your mission, and my life is tied to you, but you’re still not willing to tell me.”” ”

“As she said this, she deliberately snorted and asked seriously,””did you take a fancy to another woman on this Island?”” ”

“””No, I didn ‘t,”” Lu yubai laughed. He really didn’t know if he should ask her back. ”

“””I feel like you’re like …”” Ye Xing Kong toot as he directed her. ”

“Lu yubai said helplessly,””you knew that I didn ‘T. You provoked me on purpose because you wanted me to tell you about the mission. But I didn’t want to tell you because I didn’t want you to be in danger.”” ”

“””We’re already on the island. It’ll only be more dangerous if we don’t know. “” Ye Xingxing held Lu yubai’s hand.””We’re fiancée and fiancée are husband and wife. We must be in the same boat and help each other.”” ”

“Lu yubai didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. He couldn’t help but listen to ye Xingxing’s every command. Anyway, she was already forced to join this mission, so it wasn’t against the rules to tell her. ”

“””Before I tell you, you have to promise me that you’ll try your best to decipher it in your room and not go anywhere.”” ”

“””Can’t I have good relations with the island master?”” She wanted to help Lu yubai. ”

“Lu yubai rejected her without hesitation.””””No,”” ”