Chapter 1812: Secretly giving out candies every day (2)

“In his current situation, the future was really unknown. He didn’t dare to make any promises for fear that he wouldn’t be able to fulfill them. ”

“””But what?”” Seeing that he was hesitating to speak, ye Xingxing snorted coldly.””You better take it easy. I’m very popular. If you dare to find a girl during a mission, I’ll abandon you. You can’t even put on an act.”” ”

“””I’m fine.”” He patted his chest.””I’ll forgive you if you put on an act with me.”” ”

“Lu yubai didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. He always felt that he had a very cold and hard heart, but as long as he met her, it would melt without him knowing it. ”

“He leaned over and kissed her earlobe gently.””If you dare to abandon me, you’ll be punished.”” ”

“As he spoke, Lu yubai gently nibbled her sensitive ear. ”

“Ye Xingxing’s body trembled, and he pushed him away with a red face.””You, why do you always like to bite my ear?”” ”

“She would blush shyly when she bit her ear, but Lu yubai didn’t say anything. He looked at her lips, nose to nose, and gently rubbed them.””””Actually, I prefer to bite your lips.”” ”

“Their auras blended together, but they wanted to kiss but didn ‘t. It was more ambiguous and charming than a kiss, as if a soft cat’s paw was gently writing on their hearts. ”

“Ye Xingxing could feel his heart beating rapidly. She took the initiative to kiss him on the lips, then pushed him away.””Be more obedient during the mission. Don’t use your beauty to seduce me. Otherwise, I’ll eat you.”” ”

“Then, she snorted and turned to look out the window. In fact, her ears were red. ”

“Lu yubai laughed non-stop, but he didn’t say anything else. He just drove away quickly. ”

“The car stopped at the business district of the island. Although it was not big, it looked pretty good. There were no so-called exclusive stores, just a big store. Clothes were managed by one person, shoes were managed by one person, and all kinds of daily necessities were managed by one person … ”

“After getting out of the car, Lu yubai didn’t smile and kept a straight face. ”

“Ye Xingxing would glance at him from time to time, his eyes full of mischief. The little guy’s acting was really not bad. If he didn’t become a soldier and became a star, he would definitely be the most handsome and Best Actor. ”

“She took a piece of clothing and put it in front of Lu yubai.””””Um, what do you think of this dress?”” ”

Lu yubai glanced at her and directly transferred the money to her card.

“Ye Xingkong picked up another one.””What about this one? Do you think it’s nice?”” ”

Lu yubai continued to hand over his card …

“In any case, they didn’t interact at all. Ye Xingxing, who had sold a lot of things, grinned cheekily.””It must be hard shopping with me, right? just bear with it. You’re bored at home anyway, right?”” ”

Lu yubai was speechless.

“Just like he had said before, he was expressionless the entire time and wouldn’t talk to ye Xingxing if he could. ”

“From other people’s point of view, it was indeed ye Xingxing’s hot face the entire time, sticking to Lu yubai’s cold ass. ”

“An hour later, ye Xingxing had bought dozens of bags. However, she didn’t buy much for herself, and most of it was for the island master. ”

“When they went back, little du and Charlie, who were carrying bags, were stunned. ”

Then it was the island master who looked at the dozens of shopping bags in the living room and was dumbfounded.

“He knew that women were crazy when it came to shopping, but it was the first time he had seen such a crazy woman. ”

“However, what he didn’t expect was that ye Xingxing had bought most of them for him, and they seemed to be to his liking. ”