Chapter 1813: Secretly giving out candies every day (3)

“The island master expressed that this girl was really good to him. If she could become his daughter-in-law, it would definitely be the best. As for her identity, after a woman had a man, she would usually stand by the man’s side. She liked his son so much, and if his son wanted her to abandon her past identity, she would definitely agree. ”

The problem was that her son was not interested in her.

His people in the business district had called earlier to say that the young master had brought a girl to shop. He had a straight face the whole time and did not have a good expression on his face when he was with the girl.

It seemed like he had to think of some special way to help her if he wanted her wish to come true.

“That night, when ye Xingxing was about to go to bed, he was called out by little du, who said the island master was calling him. ”

“It wasn’t the first floor, but the third. ”

“Island Master Chen stood at the door of Lu yubai’s room, then said to her mysteriously,””””You may enter.”” ”

“Ye Xingxing leaned back slightly, looking at him suspiciously. Just as he was about to ask him why, there was a crisp “”pa pa pa”” sound in the room. It sounded like a vase-like porcelain had been thrown to the ground. ”

What was happening inside?

What was Lu yubai trying to imply by smashing the porcelain at this time?

Was she saying that she couldn’t go in now?

“Thinking of this, ye Xing Kong looked at Island Master Chen in fear and said,””What for? You know he hates me. If I go in, he’ll definitely throw me out of the window. “” ”

“As he spoke, his body trembled slightly,””””This is the third floor. You won’t die if you fall, but you’ll be disabled. Being disabled is worse than death.”” ”

“””Don’t worry, he won’t hurt you now, and he’ll be very happy to see you go in. “” Chen Daozi said. ”

“Ye Xingxing felt that things were getting more and more suspicious. He hurriedly shook his head, looking scared.””I don’t want to. Your son looks so fierce now. What if he strangled me to death when I go in later?”” ”

“As she spoke, she directly burst into tears at the island master,””””Don’t let me in. I don’t want to die yet. I haven’t lived long enough. “” ”

“Island Master Chen was so angry that the corner of his mouth kept twitching.””You useless thing. I’ve paved all the roads for you, but you don’t even dare to walk.”” ”

“””What path? you didn’t tell me and only let me in. No matter how much I like your son, I’m still afraid. I was caught by your son. Although I was charmed by his beauty for a while, I know clearly how cold and heartless your son is.”” ”

“With that, ye Xingchen’s body trembled, and he immediately retreated. ”

“Island Master Chen stomped his feet in anger when he saw her crying in fear. However, he thought about it again. After all, she was a little girl. How could he expect her to be as bold as a fighting meow? ”

“He looked at ye Xingguang, who had retreated some distance away.””””He’s been drugged and needs a woman now. If you don’t want to go in, I’ll go find another woman. “” ”

“Ye Xingkong stopped in his tracks, his eyes wide.””What did you just say? Love drug? Is it something like an aphrodisiac?”” ”

“Island Master Chen laughed as he looked at her shocked expression and nodded.””Yes, it’s an aphrodisiac. Only a woman can cure it. Tell me, are you going in or not?”” ”

“He dared to guarantee that with this girl’s lecherous gaze on his son, she would definitely go in. ”

Ye Xingkong was in a dilemma. Lu yubai was obviously warning her not to go in by smashing things.

“However, if she didn’t go in, Island Master Chen would really find another woman to send to Lu yubai. What should she do? ”