Chapter 1816: Secretly giving out candies every day (6)

“The island Master’s Voice came the next second.””What do you know? you look like you’re begging for mercy, but you’re full of pain. In fact, it’s very joyful.”” ”

Ye Xingkong’s mouth twitched.

What pain? what joy? what were these people talking about?

Is it referring to the things between men and women?

“However, it did seem to be the case. Ye Xingkong lowered his voice and said,””Ah … It hurts … It really hurts … Be gentler, and it’s too fast. My heart’s going to stop, and I can’t breathe …”” ”

“With that, she pretended to cough twice in sadness. ”

“Outside, little du immediately asked in surprise,””””This won’t kill anyone, will it?”” ”

“Although he felt that there was something wrong with his cough, the island master felt that it was probably caused by his son’s amazing performance. As expected of his son. ”

He was naturally gifted.

It would be even better if he liked a woman.

“””Your young master may look cold, but he didn’t grow up on this Island. He won’t kill anyone,”” he said with a smile. ”

“Sometimes, he really didn’t know if his decision to “”protect”” back then was right or wrong. Since he wanted to inherit the island, it was better to be more cruel. ”

“””Then what do we do now …”” Little du asked again. ”

“””What do you mean what should we do? this is a good thing. It means that your young master is very strong.”” ”

“””Strong?”” ”

“””Men should be strong and long-lasting.”” The island master patted Xiao DU’s shoulder as he spoke, his eyes squinting into two lines with a smile. ”

“Little du finally understood, and his eyes lit up,””””It’s young master indeed. He’s so powerful. I wonder how long he’ll last.”” ”

“””You’re not allowed to eavesdrop. Since they’re done, let’s go. No matter what, we’ll talk about it tomorrow.”” He hoped that his little golden grandson would come out in ten months. ”

“Hearing their footsteps, ye Xing Kong let out a sigh of relief. ”

“After getting rid of the people outside, ye Xingxing started to think about the person in the bathroom. ”

Why didn’t lu yubai touch her even after he was drugged?

“Could he not touch it, or was he unwilling to touch it? ”

“She pulled open her collar and looked at her chest. It wasn’t too small, but it wasn’t big. ”

“She really couldn’t get close to those voluptuous breasts, fat hips, and thin waists, but she felt that she was actually quite attractive. ”

“Just then, Lu yubai came out. She had just taken a shower and was wearing a bathrobe. The water droplets on her body were not wiped clean. Her hair was still wet, and the ends of her hair were still dripping. The water droplets flowed down his jaw, down his neck, collarbones, and then into his clothes … ”

“This scene exuded an alluring charm. Coupled with the White bathrobe, there was a kind of ascetic beauty. ”

“When ye Xingxing looked at him, she was slightly stunned. Her gaze moved from his hair to his Adam’s apple, then his collarbones, and then to his lower abdomen. Thinking about his perfect and sexy figure, she subconsciously swallowed. ”

“She must have saved the Galaxy in her past life, which was why she found a fiancé like Lu yubai. She didn’t even need to work hard to get him. ”

“Actually, she really wanted to sleep with him. That way, he would be hers. ”

“He could control himself, but she couldn ‘t. ”

“However, the girl couldn’t take the initiative. She had to be reserved, she had to be reserved! ”

“But she didn’t care anymore, so why did he still have to suppress it? ”

“Thinking of this, ye Xingxing coughed twice in embarrassment. Lu yubai looked at her and asked,””””What’s wrong?”” ”