Chapter 1822: Secretly giving out candies every day (12)

“Ye Xingxing thought that Lu yubai had placed these roses on his table as a romantic token to coax her, so he tore off these petals and put them all in a book, planning to make a bookmark for it in the future. ”

She looked at the research report that she was deciphering and felt conflicted. Should she really understand it? she had only been putting on an act before.

“However, he didn’t understand how long he would have to wait for Lin Zhonglong. ”

“Why don’t we just unlock it first? she’s added a password anyway. As for the progress, if she doesn’t say it, they shouldn’t notice it. ”

“However, she still had to be careful just in case. ”

“Previously, Island Master Chen would still ask ye Xingkong about the progress of his research report. However, ever since he found out that ye Xingkong might be pregnant with his grandson, he lost all interest in the research report. Every day, he was thinking about how and when he could hold his grandson. ”

“He even told ye Xingguang,””you can take your time with the decryption. You don’t have to stay up late. Go to bed early every day. We’ll continue tomorrow.”” ”

“If she was pregnant, sleeping late would affect the child. ”

Ye Xing Kong laughed.

“Then, Lu yubai, who was beside him, said softly,””””If she’s really pregnant, isn’t it worse to crack codes in front of the computer every day?”” ”

There was clearly a hint of hostility in his words.

“However, he did not expect Island Master Chen to nod his head in a particularly serious manner after hearing this.””Yes, you’re right …””Then, he looked at ye Xingguang.””From tomorrow onwards, don’t decrypt it for the time being.”” ”

Ye Xingkong was speechless.

This Island master was really a weirdo. Wasn’t this report his business? Did he not need money?

“Under the table, she deliberately used her foot to rub against Lu yubai ‘S. Lu yubai put his hand on his face and looked at her, a little helpless and doting. ”

“Island Master Chen looked at Lu yubai again.””From what you just said, it means that you have accepted it. Why don’t you live together in the future?”” ”

“Lu yubai put down his hand and looked at Island Master Chen.”””……” ”

He was obviously mocking her just now.

Ye Xingkong was speechless.

The island master was going to stir up trouble.

“””Then it’s decided.”” Island Master Chen smiled when he saw that he was silent. ”

“””No,”” Lu yubai refused. ”

“The island master wanted to say something, but ye Xingxing quickly leaned over and whispered,””Distance breeds beauty, and some things can’t be rushed. If you force it too much, it will make people develop a rebellious mentality.”” ”

“Hearing this, Island Master Chen felt that it made sense and didn’t say anything more. He even used the public chopsticks to help ye Xingxing take some food.””These dishes were all prepared for you. Eat more.”” ”

“””Thank you,”” ye Xingkong said with a smile. ”

“””Also, you can just tell them what you want to eat and let them make it for you.”” ”

“””Thank you,”” he said. ”

“Island Master Chen changed to his own chopsticks, picked up some food, and put it in his mouth. While chewing, he said,””””As long as you can give birth to an outstanding heir for my Chen family, these are all small matters.”” ”

Ye Xingkong was speechless.

This Island master had gone crazy thinking about his grandson. If he knew that his real son … He suddenly felt that the island master was a little pitiful.

“Perhaps she shouldn’t feel this way. After all, a person who could cooperate with a transnational criminal group couldn’t be a good person. ”

“At this moment, there was a commotion outside. ”

Ye Xing Kong subconsciously looked outside and saw brother scar who had not appeared for a long time. He pushed the door open with two other men and rushed in with a look of urgency.

“His sharp eyes swept across ye Xingxing’s face with coldness, and then he walked towards Island Lord Chen. ”