Chapter 1829: Secretly giving out candies every day (19)

“””What did you just say?”” Scarface was enraged. ”

“””Don’t forget who you are! I’m the future owner of this Island!”” Lu Yuyun said casually, but his heart was filled with coldness and murderous intent. ”

“Scar bro’s eyes were full of schemes when he looked at ye Xingguang, and he couldn’t get rid of it. ”

“If scar bro had only targeted him, he wouldn’t have cared. However, he couldn’t allow ye Xingkong to be in any danger on the island. 1 ”

“Brother scar was different from the island owner. Although they both lived on the edge of a knife and killed people to earn money, the island owner had his own principles. He only killed those who should be killed, and when he took on any project, he would clearly not kill children. ”

“But scar bro was different. He had no bottom line, no principles, and he wouldn’t even let a baby go. He just loved to kill people for fun, and he thought that killing people would help him build his strong position. ”

“He didn’t know what scar bro was going to do to ye Xingxing or what kind of scheme he was going to pull. This time, it was the Rose petals. What about the next time? ”

“For someone like Dao BA, who had no principles and used cruel methods, rather than being on guard against him, it was better to get rid of him directly! ”

“If he was no longer around, the starry sky would be safe for the next half a year based on the island master’s current love for the starry sky. ”

And his mission was at most half a year’s time.

“Therefore, brother scar must die! ”

“Lu yubai’s words were like a Master Teaching his servant. Coupled with his contemptuous tone, scar bro was completely infuriated. ”

“””My identity?”” Scarface bro shouted,””Who Do You Think You Are? you’re just a little B * stard. Don’t give me any respect. You’re just a dye factory. People like you are only fit to be corpses lying in the trash.”” ”

“””If I die, you’ll be able to inherit this Island? That’s why you’ve been trying so hard to frame me, including those rose petals. I can’t believe that you only know such low-class methods. “” Lu yubai’s handsome face revealed a trace of evil ridicule. ”

“””Whether you die or not, this Island will be mine. The island master promised to give it to me!!”” Scarface said indignantly. He even shook his neck, making a clear cracking sound. ”

“Ye Xingkong looked at the two of them going head to head with each other, and he had a feeling that Lu yubai was trying to provoke brother scar into fighting! ”

“Lu yubai’s lips curled up into a cold smile,””””So what?”” ”

“Scarface was rendered speechless, and his heart was burning with rage, “”You’ve only been here for a short time. Do you know how much I’ve sacrificed for this Island? I …”” ”

“Lu yubai interrupted him.””I don’t know how much you’ve sacrificed, but you’re a gambler. We all know how much money you’ve secretly taken from the island. My father has seen you on the island for many years, so he turned a blind eye to it. However, you’ve been using the island’s name to take on private jobs. If my father finds out, do you think he will tolerate you? Don’t think that you’re lucky. I have evidence to prove that you’re gambling for your own sake. “” ”

Scarface’s expression changed and he clenched his fists tightly.

“Lu yubai continued,””I didn’t tell you because I was afraid of you. I saw that you’ve been on this Island for so many years. You’ve also taken care of my father for so many years. But now, I don’t think I have any reason to keep it a secret for you.”” ”