Chapter 1832: Secretly giving out candies every day (22)

“Island Master Chen squinted his eyes and a thick layer of murderous aura surrounded him. He said to one of them,””””Bring the doctor here as fast as possible.”” ”

“Hearing that the island master wanted someone to treat Lu yubai, scar bro came back to his senses from the accident. He realized that the situation had become serious, and he explained in a panic,””””Island master, I didn’t want to stab you just now. It was him. He knew this woman from a long time ago. They came to the island one after another with bad intentions …”” ”

“Without waiting for him to finish, or to say that he didn’t want to hear him speak, the island master shouted to the people beside him,””””Drag him away and lock him up!”” ”

“Scarface’s face changed,””Island master!”” Listen to me, listen to my explanation. “” ”

“Ye Xingxing, who was supporting Lu yubai, immediately shouted,””””What’s there to explain? you just wanted to kill me. You think you’re the most powerful person on this Island.”” ”

“The island master impatiently continued to shout,””What are you still standing there for? drag him away.”” ”

“Immediately, someone came to pull scar bro away. Scar bro was furious and immediately swung the dagger in his hand away. All the guns were pointed at him. ”

He immediately didn’t dare to move. He was not the island master’s opponent in a head-on confrontation.

“It was only then that he realized that he had been too impulsive just now. Chen Chaoyang, who was usually quiet, had just spoken so much to him and even admitted his relationship with this woman with his actions in front of him. ”

He had fallen into Lu yubai’s trap.

“After Dao BA calmed down, the dagger in his hand suddenly fell to the ground. He patted his chest and said with a sincere attitude,””Island master, please believe me. Just now, they deliberately provoked me in order to wait for you to come down and use the trick of injuring yourself.”” ”

These words didn’t move Island Master Chen in the slightest.

“Zhao Yang could have beaten him just now, but he was injured to save him. ”

“””Trust you?”” He laughed coldly.””How do you want me to believe you? you actually wanted to kill me just now!!”” ”

“Scarface shook his head,””no, Island master. How could I want to kill you? I just moved too fast. I couldn’t stop or pull back. I was also scared, but my dagger did deviate from its direction.”” ”

“He started to play the emotional card.””In my heart, you are the closest person to me. How can I kill you? please forgive my impulsiveness and mistake this time …”” ”

“Island Master Chen’s face was so cold that there wasn’t a single drop of warmth. His eyes were filled with disappointment towards him.””Spare you? I’ll let you off this time and give you a chance. After you get out, you should be able to plan how to kill me next. “” ”

“The knife-scarred man’s eyes instantly widened in fear.””Island master, how could you have such thoughts? how would I dare? you raised me and taught me so much. Even if I’m a bastard, I can’t do anything to you. Even though you didn’t ask me to call you father, you are still my father in my heart. “” ”

“Island Master Chen’s lips curled into a complicated sneer,””””Father, do you think of me as your father, or do you think of me as someone who is obstructing you?”” ”

“He had been on the edge of the blade for so many years, how could he not feel the killing intent? ”

“At that moment, the child he had raised wanted to kill him, not his son, but him. ”

“From the day he had brought him along, he knew what kind of person ah Dao was … ”