Chapter 1843: Announcing to the world that I love you (3)

“The door of the study was closed again. Island Master Chen relaxed his body and leaned back on the chair. After the shock, anger, and hatred, Island Master Chen had calmed down. ”

“When he was pregnant, she was with him almost every day. She should have betrayed him, and he never believed that woman would betray him. ”

“He was wondering if there was an accident in the middle. Of course, he could not rule out the possibility that the woman had deliberately found a fake son. ”

“But what was her motive? If this was a fake son, then where was his real son? ”

Island Master Chen had been sitting quietly and thinking. He smoked one cigarette after another until dawn.

“He rubbed his temples. If Zhaoyang was really not his son, he had to come up with a solution before dawn no matter what. He also had to find out if his son really existed. ”

“At this moment, there was a sudden knock on the door. Who would dare to disturb him in the middle of the night? the island master’s face became extremely ugly, and he shouted in an extremely impatient tone,””””Come in.”” ”

“The lights weren’t turned on in the room, so it was dark. After the door was opened, light came in. The island master closed his eyes to adapt, and then he saw Lu yubai standing at the door. ”

“With a “”pa””, Lu yubai turned on the light in the room. ”

“He closed the door, walked in, and sat directly opposite the island master! ”

“The island master was shocked by Lu yubai’s sudden appearance. He had mixed feelings and didn’t know how to face this. He suddenly wasn’t his son’s son. He didn’t know why, but he had a feeling that his son, who wasn’t his son, should have already known that they weren’t related by blood. ”

“And now, his son knew that they were not related by blood. Otherwise, he would not have appeared here. ”

“In a year’s time, his “”son”” might become even more powerful than his godson on this Island. ”

And he actually didn’t notice it at all.

“Lu yubai didn’t avoid the island master’s gaze. He calmly looked at him for a long time, and then said word by word,””””I think you already know that I’m not your son.”” ”

He didn’t beat around the bush and directly made it clear.

“The island master frowned and was confused for a moment, but he quickly focused again. His expression suddenly changed and he shouted,””””As expected, you already knew.”” ”

“As he spoke, he slammed his palm on the table and stood up suddenly. He looked at Lu yubai with a flash of ruthlessness in his eyes. ”

“As he stood up, he took out his gun, loaded it, and pointed the black muzzle straight at Lu yubai,””””Speak. Who are you?”” ”

“The room was filled with anxiety and anxiety, as if it would explode in the air in the next second. ”

“Lu yubai also stood up, looked at the island master, and replied,””””My name is Lu yubai. I’m a soldier. I came to the island …”” ”

“Island Master Chen roared and interrupted Lu yubai’s high blood pressure,””””I don’t care why you came to my Island. Where’s my son? did you kidnap my son and threaten my wife to send you to the island?”” ”

“At this moment, he was extremely regretful. Why didn’t he listen to Dao BA’s words and even killed his most capable assistant for a fake son? ”

“””If anything happens to my son, I won’t let you go!!”” Island Master Chen’s eyes flashed with ruthlessness as he pointed the gun at Lu yubai’s forehead. ”