Chapter 1847: Announcing my love to the world (7)

Island Master Chen snorted coldly and still had a look of disbelief.

“””No matter what, I didn’t tell you the truth. It’s my fault. Let’s Drink Tea.”” Ye Xingkong respectfully handed the cup to Island Master Chen and said sincerely,””””Every time my uncle is angry with me, he’ll forgive me with a smile as long as I give him some tea to apologize.”” ”

“Island Master Chen rolled his eyes at her coldly,””””When you said that I looked like your uncle in the past, you must have been lying. You ignored me on purpose and lied to me, right?”” ”

“Ye Xingkong blinked and said innocently,””””What? I’ve said Island master before, do you look like my uncle?”” ”

Island Master Chen’s face sank and he looked at her coldly.”……”

The little girl was acting shamelessly?

“Ye Xingxing shook his head, rubbing his chin with his fingers.””Island master, you don’t have to say it. When I look at you carefully, you really do look like my uncle. Not just a little, but very, very similar. Eh, why didn’t I notice this before?”” ”

“Island Master Chen didn’t really want to be fierce to her. He had deliberately put on a cold face to scare her. Now, he couldn’t hold it in anymore. With a pfft, he laughed, not knowing whether to laugh or cry. ”

“In fact, he really wanted to have a daughter like this. ”

“Thinking up to this point, the island Lord suddenly had a very good plan and idea. He looked at ye Xingxing and asked softly,””Are you willing to be my goddaughter?”” ”

“””What?”” Ye Xingkong was shocked. ”

“””I want you to be my daughter. I will treat you like my own daughter, just like my own son.”” Island Master Chen repeated, looking at ye Xingtian and waiting for her answer. ”

“Ye Xingchen was so surprised that his mouth was wide open, and he couldn’t close it for a long time. He pushed his chin with his fingers before he could close his mouth. ”

“Seeing her hesitating, Island Master Chen’s face turned cold.””Didn’t you come to me today to help Lu yubai persuade him?”” ”

“What he meant was, as long as you’re willing to be my daughter, I’ll agree to work with Lu yubai. ”

“Ye Xingkong chuckled.””Well, I’m doing this for you. I can feel that you’re especially good to the people on this Island. A few days ago, little du saw that I was bored and took me to see the children. It’s the villa on the west side. Little du said that their fathers used to be your subordinates and they passed away while on a mission, leaving behind their children. So, you got people to build a big villa and an amusement park. You also hired professionals to take care of the children and give them the best life. Those children really like you too …”” ”

“The island master’s face was fierce, but his tone was a little aggrieved.””Nonsense! They don’t like me at all. The last time I went, they all stood straight and didn’t even dare to look at me. “” ”

“If he had to talk about the child who was least afraid of him in this world, he felt that it would be this girl in front of him. Perhaps in two lifetimes, they might really be father and daughter. ”

“Ye Xingguang quickly explained,””they’re not afraid of you. They respect you. I’ve been talking to them, and they all admire you. They even said that they want to be heroes like you when they grow up. They want to protect you and help you make the island better.”” ”

“Island Master Chen was a little embarrassed and coughed lightly.””They are all children. What do they know!”” ”

“””Oh, Island master, bad people don’t like to say they’re bad people. Why do you always have a fierce face, as if you’re afraid that others don’t know you’re an unpardonable bad person?”” Ye Xingkong looked at him in confusion and sighed,””I know that even if you work with Lu yubai, it’s because of the residents of this Island, not because I recognized you as my father. You’re really good to them.”” ”