Chapter 1849: Announcing my love to the world (9)

“Indeed, after the cooperation, Lu yubai went to see Island Master Chen. That day, they chatted in the study for the entire afternoon. Ye Xingxing didn’t know what they talked about, but he was sure that Island Master Chen had already made a plan with Lu yubai. ”

“They made an appointment with Lin Zhongchang to trade on the sea, and Lin Zhongchang agreed. ”

“Ye Xingxing felt that Island Master Chen was really a good Island. No matter what, he would always consider the people on the island. He didn’t want any dangerous people to know the specific location of this little bird, so from the beginning to the end, he didn’t plan to let Lin Zhong come to the island often. ”

“Lu yubai said that it was all thanks to her. Otherwise, with Island Master Chen’s character, he would never call him “”biological son”” when it came to sea transactions. ”

“Ye Xingguang was curious as to what the plan was, and how they were going to capture Lin Zhongchang. ”

“However, she didn’t ask. She trusted Lu yubai and the island. She just needed to wait on the island. In fact, she wanted to go with them, but she knew that the island owner and Lu yubai wouldn’t take her there. ”

“””I won’t go with you. I’ll wait for your triumphant return on the island. I’m sure you’ve already planned everything out. Everything should be in your hands.”” Ye Xingxing cupped his face in his hands, his eyes shining with admiration as he smiled at him.””But even if you have everything under control, you must be careful!”” ”

“Lu yubai held her hand and kissed it. “”””Yes.”” ”

“””Oh, by the way, after we go back, can we take the island master to see her son?”” Ye Xingkong asked softly. By right, he shouldn’t be allowed to enter the country. Island Master Chen also knew that, so he didn’t make this request. However, ye Xingkong wanted to help him. She knew that Island Master Chen was extremely eager to see his son. ”

“””I can’t make the decision, but I’ll help him fight for it.”” ”

“””Your words are enough.”” She was also a soldier, so she knew the rules. Lu yubai would help the island master fight for it, and she would also help the island master fight for it. ”

“””When we’re not around, you have to stay in the house. No matter what happens, don’t run around. If there’s anything, look for Xiao du,”” ye Xingxing said, gently kissing her forehead. ”

“He was actually very worried about leaving her alone on the island, but it would be too dangerous if she went with them. ”

“””Yes, don’t worry,”” ye Xingkong replied obediently. “”I’m your most outstanding student. I can protect myself. “” ”

“After she finished speaking, she stood on her tiptoes and kissed his face. She was not tall enough to kiss his forehead, so she hesitated for a moment before she kissed his lips. ”

“Lu yubai’s eyes darkened. He reached out and wrapped his arms around her waist, holding her tightly to his body. ”

“Ye Xingxing could clearly feel the changes in his body. Blushing, she said,””””Well … It’s an emergency. Aren’t you leaving tomorrow?”” ”

“””You said it yourself, that’s tomorrow.”” After that, Lu yubai lowered his head and covered her lips. Then, he turned and pressed her down on the bed next to him. ”

“After a while, the room was filled with the sound of violent collisions and heavy breathing … ”

“When ye Xingxing woke up the next day, Lu yubai wasn’t in his room. ”

“She got up and went downstairs. In the living room, she saw Xiao du. Xiao du told her that the island master and Lu yubai left at five in the morning. ”

“Ye Xingkong was embarrassed. He had to leave so early, but Lu yubai was still so indulgent last night … ”