Chapter 1850: Announcing to the world that I love you (10)

“After breakfast, ye Xingxing suddenly felt that the huge villa was empty. ”

“Without Lu yubai’s teasing and without Island Master Chen’s chatting, she would definitely be extremely bored living in such a big villa. It was no wonder that Island Master Chen only acted very playful after she came and even recognized her as his daughter in the end. ”

“In fact, Island Master Chen just wanted to find someone to accompany him to relieve his boredom. However, after the mission was completed, she had to return to school and leave with Lu yubai. It was impossible for her to stay on this isolated island to accompany his old man. ”

She really hoped that he could completely wash his hands of the matter and bring back the island master’s wife and son.

“The weather wasn’t good today, and it suddenly started to rain. ”

“A clap of thunder boomed across the sky, and ye Xingxing felt his heart skip a beat. After that, she began to feel uneasy. ”

“She paced back and forth in the room, almost counting down the seconds to wait. ”

Little du was quite calm at first. He thought that the young master he admired and his great island master going out to trade research reports for a small task must be a small matter.

“However, seeing ye Xingxing walking back and forth, he became anxious and began to worry about the island Lord and young master’s safety. ”

“He tried to hold it in, but in the end, he couldn’t take it anymore. He looked at ye Xingxing with a bitter face and said,””Young Madam, please stop walking around. You’re making me dizzy. I’m so dizzy that I can’t even welcome the island master and the others when they return in triumph.”” ”

“Ever since ye Xingkong had spent a night in Lu yubai’s room, the island master had ordered his subordinates to address ye Xingkong as young Madam. ”

“””They’ve been gone for a long time. It’s just a report. Why aren’t they back yet?””ye Xingkong said anxiously. Did something unexpected happen?”” ”

“””I won ‘t, I won’ t. Don’t overthink it.”” Little du comforted her. ”

“””Is there any way to find out their situation?”” Ye Xingkong asked. ”

“””It’s a secret Server room. It’s the core communication and network of the entire Island. They will definitely pay attention to the island master’s trip.”” ”

“””Then let’s go take a look …”” As he spoke, ye Xingxing was already walking towards the secret computer room. ”

“””No, no, no. You can’t just go there. Without the island master’s orders, no one is allowed to go there.”” Xiao du followed. Although he stopped ye Xingkong from going, he took him to the communication room. ”

“The communication room was not far from the right side of the villa. It was heavily guarded. Except for the island master, ordinary people were not allowed to approach it. But the situation was different now. In addition, the island master liked her so much. The island’s future wife should be able to go there. Xiao du thought so, but he was still worried. ”

“””If they don’t agree later, don’t force it. Just let them tell us if the island master is safe …”” Little du looked at ye Xingxing as he tried to persuade him. ”

“Suddenly, before he could finish, ye Xingguang pulled him to a nearby Bush to hide. ”

“Little du was surprised. What was going on? he was about to ask, but ye Xingxing’s face was dark, and his beautiful eyes were filled with waves of shock as he stared in front of him. He muttered,””How is that possible?”” ”

What was impossible? Little du curiously followed ye Xingxing’s gaze.

“It was fine if he didn’t look, but when he did, he was shocked. His eyes widened in shock, as if he had seen a ghost.””That … That guy … Why does he look so much like scar bro?”” ”