Chapter 1851: Announcing to the world that I love you (11)

“So it wasn’t an illusion, and she wasn’t the only one who saw it. Ye Xingxing’s limbs instantly turned cold, and his body trembled.””H-H-He … Isn’t he dead?”” ”

“Little DU’s face was pale.””Yes, he’s already dead. I clearly saw someone carry him out, but how did he come back to life?”” Could it be a ghost? ”

“””Why now?”” ”

“””I don’t know,”” ”

“The two of them began to calm down after a moment of panic. Ye Xingxing analyzed,””””It looks like scar bro has taken control of the secret engine room, so the island master and the others … Won’t they be in danger?”” ”

“””Daofang and young master are not on the island, so there is no danger for the time being. We are the ones in danger now.”” Little du said. ”

“Ye Xing Kong frowned and turned to look at the woman beside brother Scarface. She had long black hair, a pair of jeans with a tank top, and a pair of black sunglasses. She was tall and if it weren’t for the symbol on her chest, she would have thought that she was a man. ”

Who was this person? I don’t think I’ve seen him on the island. Why is scar bro with her? did they plan this all along?

Could Island Master Chen also know that brother scar was not dead? they did all this to plot against Lu yubai.

“That was unlikely. If Island Master Chen didn’t want Lu yubai to live, he didn’t need to go in such a big circle. ”

“The island master and Lu yubai were not in danger now, but if they came back, it would be dangerous. She looked at Xiao du and said,””””We have to contact the island master and tell him everything that happened on the island.”” ”

“Little du looked desperate.””But how are we going to inform them? the secret Server room is the core of the entire Island. All the network and communication are monitored. If we want to contact the outside world, we will be discovered immediately. They will definitely block the message.”” ”

“””I have an idea. Let’s go back to the villa.”” Ye Xingchen said, slowly retreating. ”

“After Xiao du followed her back to the safety line, the two started running. ”

“When they arrived at the villa’s entrance, they saw Charlie. As soon as Charlie saw them, he immediately raised his gun and asked with a livid face,””You guys, have you guys already … Already found out?”” ”

“The people outside the villa had been taken away by the island master and the others. Only little du and Charlie were left in the villa. Most of them were on the outside, guarding the entire Island. ”

“Little du rushed in front of ye Xingxing, glaring at Charlie.””””What do you want to do? rebel?”” ”

“””Cut the crap,”” Charlie said coldly.””Behave yourself. Otherwise, don’t blame me for being impolite.”” ”

“Little DU’s face turned completely green. He gritted his teeth and rushed up, holding Charlie’s hand and lifting his gun up to the sky. Then ye Xingxing said,””””Young Madam, run!”” ”

“In the next second, Xiao DU’s jaw almost dropped! He quickly shouted again,””young Madam, you’ve run to the wrong place …”” Why were you still running into the house at this time? weren’t you walking right into a trap? Hurry up and run out … ”

“But ye Xingxing had already run in. Charlie shook off Xiao du and wanted to chase after him, but he was stopped by Xiao du. ”

“””Don’t think that I won’t kill you,””Charlie said angrily. ”

“Little DU’s face was red with anger: “”then kill me. Didn’t you want to kill me for a long time?”” ”

“””You …”” Charlie was so angry that he was at a loss for words. After panting a few times, he shouted,””””You’re one of my people. I won’t kill you. Get out of my way. “” ”

“””No, I won’t let you hurt the young Madam!!”” ”