Chapter 1853: Announcing my love to the world (13)

“Ye Xingxing didn’t say a word, only gripping the USB in his hand tightly. He used his actions to tell everyone that he had agreed because the USB was fake. ”

“Scarface laughed coldly. He walked over to ye Xingxing and reached out his hand.””Give me the thing.”” ”

“Ye Xingxing didn’t move, only biting his lip. ”

“Scarface’s expression changed and he shouted,””No one here can protect you now. If you don’t give it to me …”” ”

“His face was terrifyingly sinister as he sneered, his voice shrill and bloodshot. His eyes flashed with hatred towards ye Xingtian. ”

“Ye Xingchen looked terrified, taking two steps back. He interrupted Scar’s words and threw the USB to him. “”I’ll … I’ll give it to you, but it’s useless even if I give you this report. It’s not like I’ve finished treating it. “” ”

Scar bro took the USB and glared at ye Xingxing with killing intent.

“How dare she mention decoding the code? she used this to save his life and almost killed him, and now she wanted to use this again? scar bro’s eyes widened and he kicked ye Xingguang. ”

“The island master and Lu yubai weren’t here, so he put all his hatred on ye Xingkong. His sharp eyes looked like he wanted to cut ye Xingkong into a thousand pieces. ”

“Ye Xingxing’s two years in the military school hadn’t been in vain. Furthermore, she had been keeping an eye on brother scar. Even if she couldn’t beat him, she could still Dodge the attack that she had planned. ”

“She held her head and squatted down beside him.””””Help!!”” ”

“She looked very scared, and her body even started to tremble as if she was going crazy. ”

“Scarface felt as if cotton had been dropped on his fist. He thought that this woman would be like before, directly fighting with him. He didn’t expect her to be so cowardly. ”

It made him want to fly into a rage and find a chance to kill this woman in his anger.

“The woman standing next to brother Scarface said,””Keep her first, give me the thing.”” ”

His voice was very rough and sounded like a man at first glance.

“Scarface gritted his teeth and passed the USB to the woman. He smiled,””Chan, this is the woman we caught the other day. The research report is in this USB.”” ”

The woman named Chan looked at ye Xing Kong with a half-smile before sitting on the sofa and inserting a USB into her computer.

Chan?!! Ye Xingkong’s heart clenched.

Isn’t that Lin Zhongchang’s English name? Why would scar bro call her Chen? was this brawny woman in front of him Lin Zhongchang?

Ye Xingkong’s heart was filled with disbelief. How could this be Lin Zhongchang?

Shouldn’t Lin Zhongchang be a man? The information Lu yubai gave her was that he was a man. Could it be that he changed his gender to avoid being wanted?

“Wait a minute, Lin Zhongchang and scar bro were together, which meant that scar bro and Lin Zhongchang were already in cahoots before this, but how did Lin Zhongchang know scar bro? then wasn’t the agreement between Lin Zhongchang and the island owner a trap?! ”

Ye Xing Kong clenched his fists tightly. Why didn’t he realize that this woman was Lin Zhongchang?

“If she found out, she couldn’t tell Lu yubai and the rest. ”

“Brother scar could actually fake his death under the eyes of the island master. It was obvious that there were people under brother scar around the island master. Then, was there a trap waiting for the island master and Lu yubai in the sea? ”