Chapter 1854: Announcing to the world that I love you (14)

“The huge panic in his heart suddenly quieted down, and ye Xingxing calmed down even more. Although he was in danger, and he didn’t know what the situation was on Lu yubai and the island master’s side. ”

“Fortunately, she still told Lu yubai the news that scar wasn’t dead. She believed that with Lu yubai’s intelligence, if he couldn’t see Lin Zhongchang at sea, he would definitely be able to analyze that this was a trap set up by Lin Zhongchang and scar. At the same time, he would also find out that some of the people they brought with them had already betrayed them. ”

Lu yubai would definitely be able to analyze it.

“He would definitely find the most appropriate opportunity to save her, and the island master would definitely come back to Save the Children on this Island. ”

“Lin Zhongchang looked at the report, and then her face slowly sank. She stood up and walked over to ye Xingxing. ”

“Ye Xingchen’s body trembled in fear, like a small animal that had been frightened by an injury. He glanced weakly at Lin Zhongchang, then lowered his head again. ”

“Lin Zhongchang chuckled, then knelt down in front of ye Xingxing.””””Don’t be afraid. As long as you listen to me, I won’t hurt you. “” ”

“Scar bro couldn’t hold it in anymore. “”Chen, didn’t you promise me to let me handle this woman?”” he asked. ”

“Lin Zhongchang looked at him with a smile, and scar bro swallowed his next words. ”

“It was obvious that he was afraid of Lin Zhongchang. He glared at ye Xingxing again, then said to Lin Zhongchang,””””Don’t believe her so easily. This woman is the best at quibbling and pretending to be pitiful. She’s full of tricks. If it weren’t for her, I wouldn’t have lost my life. “” ”

“Lin Zhongchang ignored scar bro and said to ye Xingguang,””””I’ll give you two choices now. Leave with me. As long as you unseal the secret text, I promise I won’t hurt you. Two, stay. I’ll give you to ah Dao. As for how he’s going to deal with you, even if I don’t point it out, you should know. “” ”

“Ye Xingxing stood up slowly, asking in fear,””Are you really not going to hurt me?”” ”

“””Naturally,”” Lin Zhongchang nodded. ”

“””After the decryption, it won’t hurt me and let me go?”” ”

“””Of course.”” ”

“””Then …”” ”

“Little du hurried over to ye Xingxing and interrupted her.””””Young Madam …”” ”

“His eyes stared nervously at ye Xingguang, indicating that she shouldn’t leave with Lin Zhongchang. The island master and the others would be back soon, and they would definitely be able to save them. ”

“Ye Xingxing pushed little du away and looked at Scarface.””Then I, I’ll go with you.”” ”

“She had to buy some time for Lu yubai. The only way was to leave with Lin Zhongchang. Anyway, she believed that Lu yubai would definitely find her. ”

“Lin Zhongchang smiled and waved the gun in his hand, signaling to his subordinate,””””Take her away.”” ”

Ye Xingxing listened obediently and left with Lin Zhongchang’s subordinates without making a fuss.

“As for Lin Zhongchang, he didn’t come out with them. Ye Xingxing thought that he must have stayed behind to discuss with scar bro how to harm Lu yubai. ”

“The rain outside started pouring again, and it was even heavier than before. The sound of the rain seemed to be drowning the entire Island. ”

“Lin Zhongchang’s car wasn’t parked outside the villa, but in the secret computer room. ”

“Ye Xingkong glanced behind her and saw two burly black men holding guns. Then, she saw a mud pit in front of her. She rolled her eyes slyly and deliberately stepped on the mud, causing her to fall to the ground with a cry. ”