Chapter 1855: Announcing to the world that I love you (15)

“Ye Xingxing was covered in mud from the fall, and he sobbed as he got up from the ground. He said to the two in English, “”I’m sorry, I’ll get up immediately. “” ”

“However, she fell back down halfway.””Ah, it hurts. I’m sorry, I think I twisted my foot …”” ”

“The two black bodyguards looked at each other. Thinking of how she was so scared that she shrank into the corner and trembled, they felt that she would not dare to play any tricks. ”

“Ye Xingguang pushed his palm out again and stood up with all his might. Then, he limped forward, one step at a time. ”

“The two bodyguards didn’t force her to speed up anymore. It seemed that they really believed that she had fallen, and they didn’t care about speed because they still had to wait for Lin Zhongchang. ”

“Ye Xingxing walked slower and slower. The bodyguards didn’t care about the injured girl at all. Seeing that they were all trembling in fear, they followed her and slowed down. ”

“Although ye Xingxing didn’t know the map of the island, he had asked little du to take her around the villa a few times, so he was relatively familiar with it. He paid special attention to it because he wanted to use it to escape one day, but he didn’t expect it to really come in handy. ”

“She turned her head and saw that the two black men were not paying attention to her. She threw the soil that she had grabbed when she fell to the ground at the two bodyguards. When they subconsciously turned their heads to avoid her, she quickly burrowed into the forest in the blind spot. ”

“When the two bodyguards came back to their senses, they immediately shouted,””””Stop!”” ”

“At the same time, he turned the gun around and fired two shots at the place where ye Xingkong had entered, but he missed. ”

The two of them cursed a few times and even fiercely spat twice before they got up and chased into the forest.

“However, the forest was overgrown with weeds and branches blocking the way. The two of them were very tall, and there were many places that they couldn’t get through. In their anger and helplessness, the two of them began to sweep the front of the dense forest. ”

“””It must have run to the small path ahead.”” ”

“””Get someone to intercept them. We’ll chase them from the side path.”” ”

“””Alright,”” he said. ”

“As the two of them spoke, they left the dense forest and quickly chased after him. ”

“However, ye Xingxing didn’t leave. Instead, he hid in a muddy depression next to them. Because her clothes had turned into mud after the fall, she looked no different from mud at first glance, which fooled the two. ”

“Indeed, after the two of them left, ye Xingxing sat up in the mud, panting nervously. He was temporarily safe. They must have thought that she had run far away, but in reality, she wanted to go back to the villa. The most dangerous place was often the safest place. ”

“If she could, she wanted to save Xiao du, but she didn’t know how Xiao du was now. ”

“At this moment, a deep voice came from behind him,””””The starry sky …”” ”

The familiar voice made ye Xing Kong subconsciously turn his head and look at the tall man who had suddenly appeared in front of him. His handsome face was covered in oil paint and he was fully armed. She was stunned for a while before she covered her mouth and laughed silently.

He couldn’t believe that Lu yubai would return so quickly.

“Lu yubai leaped in front of her and pulled her into his arms.””It’s great that you’re fine.”” ”

“Ye Xingxing patted his back gently, smiling as he consoled him, “”Don’t be afraid, don’t be afraid. I said I can protect myself. I’m your best student. “” ”

“Lu yubai let go of her. He couldn’t help but cry and laugh when he saw her. He was afraid, but shouldn’t she be the one who was more afraid? Why did she comfort him instead? ”


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