Chapter 1857: Announcing my love to the world (17)

“Lu yubai was 100% sure that Lin Zhongchang was a man. From the moment he was born to the moment he left, he had been using the identity of a man. Therefore, Lu yubai said with certainty,””””We have his past information. Lin Zhongchang is a man.”” ”

“””But the one I saw really wasn’t a man. Her chest area was especially big, and her clothes were low-cut, so her chest wasn’t fake. She really was a woman,”” ye Xingxing said, pointing at the position of her chest. ”

“A man turned into a woman, and the reason was self-evident. Ye Xingxing and Lu yubai said almost at the same time,””””You changed your gender?”” ”

“Ye Xingkong’s mouth twitched, no wonder he looks so strong and tall. In order to escape capture, he went all out and even changed his gender, uh. “” ”

“Lu yubai chuckled.””It’s highly possible that she’s a fake Lin Zhongchang. But the possibility is very low.”” ”

“””If she really wanted a substitute, she should have found a man.”” ”

“””Yes, so there’s a 99% chance that she’s Lin Zhongchang. It’s a good thing you told me this. Otherwise, during the chaos, it’s very likely that he’d run away if I wasn’t careful.”” ”

The two of them walked through the dense forest and came to a remote path. The two of them hid behind the trees beside the path.

“Not long after, an off-road vehicle drove over from the front. Lu yubai pulled ye Xingxing behind him and looked at the car. ”

“””Wait for me here.”” Lu yubai said to ye Xingxing and walked out. ”

“The car stopped beside Lu yubai. After confirming that it was 100% safe, Lu yubai extended his hand to ye Xingkong and the two of them got into the SUV. ”

“Because scar bro wanted to trick the island master and the others, the island was still very calm on the surface. ”

“After driving for a while, nothing unexpected happened. Just as ye Xingxing thought that they should be able to leave safely, there was a clattering sound from behind the car, like hail. ”

Ye Xingkong turned his head in horror and saw a car chasing after them. Someone poked his head out of the roof of the car and started shooting at their car with a machine gun.

“””Lie down!”” Lu yubai suddenly shouted, then lay down with ye Xingkong in his arms. Immediately, a bullet whizzed over, coming from the direction of ye Xingkong’s mind. ”

Some of the snipers had used special bullets that had even broken through the bulletproof glass of the car.

“Lu yubai handed something to ye Xingxing. It was a gun.””This is for you to protect yourself.”” ”

“””Alright,”” he said. Ye Xingkong subconsciously tightened his grip on the gun in his hand. The cold and heavy feeling of the gun made her rapidly beating heart calm down a little. ”

“‘Don’t be afraid, there’s nothing to be afraid of. Nothing will happen, nothing will happen … ”

“The car window rolled down. Lu yubai raised his gun and aimed it out of the window.””Bang Bang Bang …”” The sound of gunfire and sparks flew everywhere. No one knew where the bullets hit. The car behind them slanted and hit a tree, but it quickly changed its direction and gave chase. ”

“Another bullet whizzed out, this time hitting the driver’s head. A bright flower of blood appeared on his forehead. The driver died on the spot, but he still stepped on the gas. The front turned, and the car went out of control and went straight forward. ”

“This change was extremely sudden, and ye Xingchen’s face was filled with horror. ”

“Seeing that the car was about to fall, she quickly leaned over and turned the steering wheel with both hands, regardless of whether there was a gun pointed at her … ”