Chapter 1858: Announcing my love to the world (18)

“Ye Xingxing gritted his teeth and turned the steering wheel, making a sharp screeching sound. She made a sharp turn at the last second to avoid crashing into the hillside by the side of the road. ”

“Lu yubai squatted next to her and pulled the driver away. Then, ye Xingkong bent down and sat in the driver’s seat. ”

“Using the seat to cover her body, she bent over slightly and stepped on the accelerator, moving forward quickly. ”

“At another turn, ye Xingkong held the steering wheel and tilted his body. ”

“Lu yubai took advantage of this turn and aimed his gun at the fuel tank of the car behind them. After a loud bang, the car was destroyed. ”

“With a loud bang, the car behind them exploded. The flames intertwined with the wreckage of the car, and the whole car was lifted into the sky with billowing smoke. ”

Ye Xing Kong let out a sigh of relief.

They had finally escaped and were temporarily safe. But what should they do next?

“The man put away the arrogance and dominance in his eyes, and his gaze softened when he looked at ye Xingxing.””Are you alright?”” he asked as he held her hand. ”

“All the fear and panic she had felt earlier instantly disappeared. A bright smile bloomed on ye Xingchen’s face, as if it could melt the winter snow. She said, “”I’m fine, I’m fine, and I think it was fun just now! The explosion was full of sparks and it was so exciting! Hahaha …”” ”

“As she said this, she even blinked at him in a particularly relaxed manner.””After all, I’m a woman who’s by your side. You’re fine, so how could anything happen to me?”” ”

“Lu yubai’s mood immediately relaxed. He couldn’t help but rub her head and helplessly said,””””You …”” ”

“Ye Xingxing looked at Lu yubai and asked,””””Where should we go now?”” ”

“””Go straight and then abandon the car at the intersection ahead,”” Lu yubai said. He quickly dialed his boss’s Secret hotline to report his location and asked them to send someone to pick him up. ”

“The car stopped at the intersection, and the two of them got out of the car and went into the dense forest. They passed through the deepest part of the forest and arrived at the edge of the island. ”

“This direction was also controlled by someone. Previously, it was the island Master’s Men, but now it had been changed to brother Scar’s men. ”

Lu yubai told ye Xingxing to hide first. He quietly sneaked in front of one of them and directly slit the person’s neck from behind.

There were a total of four people guarding this area. Lu yubai took care of three of them. The last one noticed Lu yubai and was ready to shoot at him.

Lu yubai’s figure moved forward like lightning and grabbed the man’s wrist to stop him from shooting. The man immediately threw the gun in his hand.

“The man wanted to turn around and counterattack, but Lu yubai had already grabbed his neck with one hand and threw him to the ground. He pressed his foot on his back, making him unable to move. The next second, the sharp blade stabbed down and the man died. Brother Scar’s men on the island were all taken care of. ”

“Lu yubai was on alert for any movement around him. He took out his phone and sent the address and signal. Then, he looked at ye Xingxing, who was walking to his side, and said,””””You must leave this place immediately.”” ”

“The island was full of danger, and she could not stay a minute longer. ”

“””What about you?”” ye Xingkong asked. ”

“Lu yubai gently wiped away the dirt on her face.””I haven’t completed my mission, so I have to complete it.”” ”

“Ye Xingxing knew that Lu yubai had to go back and capture Lin Zhongchang, but reinforcements had already arrived. She thought that he would leave with her, but she had forgotten that he was the captain. ”