Chapter 1865: Announcing to the world that I love you (25)

“As soon as Lu yubai sat up, ye Xingkong stood up, tidied up his clothes, and ran to open the door. ”

“There was a tall and sturdy man standing outside. His facial features were similar to Lu yubai ‘s, but he was tougher. His skin was bronze, unlike Lu yubai’s fair skin. He was wearing a military shirt and pants with a pair of military boots. His body was as straight as a pine tree, and he exuded the aura of a soldier. ”

“At this moment, he was looking at her with a stern expression, his gaze was powerful, and his aura was unassailable, which made her feel inexplicably terrified. ”

“Ye Xingxing was dumbfounded. This, this, this … She had been in the military school for three years, so she definitely knew who this was. It was Lu yubai’s superior, who was also his father, Lu Yanzhi. ”

“Oh my God, why is Lu yubai’s father here? ”

“She was suddenly at a loss. Her body stiffened as she raised her head and saluted.””Yes, yes, yes … Good day, chief.”” ”

“Her stammering made Lu Yanzhi’s lips curl up unconsciously, but he still walked in with a cold face. ”

“When he saw Lu Yanzhi, Lu yubai was stunned as well.””””Dad, what are you doing here?”” ”

“Lu Yanzhi glanced at Lu yubai in disdain before sitting down on the sofa.””Your mother said that you’re injured and asked me to come and see you.”” ”

“What he meant was, if it wasn’t for your mother’s request, I wouldn’t even bother to come and see you. ”

“Ye Xingxing hurriedly went to pour him some water and carefully placed it in front of him.””Chief, chief, chief, please have some tea.”” ”

“Lu Yanzhi glanced at her and nodded. He took a sip of water and looked at Lu yubai.””””This is the love report you wrote.”” ”

“His face seemed to be covered by frost, and it was extremely ugly. ”

“Ye Xingxing’s heart skipped a beat. Could it be that Lu Yanzhi, who forbade her from being with Lu yubai, was here to break them up? ”

“””Yes,”” Lu yubai nodded.””She’s a third-year student from District Z’s military school.”” ”

“””You’re only in your third year of University. What’s the rush? why are you writing a love report?”” Lu Yanzhi’s face was expressionless, but his cold eyes exuded an invisible sense of oppression. ”

“Ye Xingxing was even more nervous now. The father and son wouldn’t start arguing because of her, would they? ”

“Lu yubai directly looked out the window.””…”” ”

“But in his heart, he thought, can I be as anxious as you? After all, his mother was only 18 years older than him. It was easy to tell who was the one who was anxious. ”

“Lu Yanzhi looked at his son meaningfully and said in a deep voice,””””You have to know your identity, so you have to think carefully before starting a relationship …”” ”

Ye Xingkong was speechless.

“Uh uh uh, was she saying that her family background was not worthy of the Lu family? ”

“Just as ye Xingxing thought that her relationship with Lu yubai would be filled with obstacles, she heard Lu Yanzhi say,””””You’re a soldier. Since you’ve made your decision, you can’t do anything that would harm your identity as a soldier. From now on, besides sacrificing and contributing to the country, you must also be responsible and responsible for your family. Do you understand?!!”” ”

Ye Xingkong was speechless.

The lines were not right. The tone of the words had completely changed.

“Pfff! After talking for so long, he wasn’t trying to break up the couple, but to fulfill their wish. (The crying and smiling face …) ”

“””Yes, I understand.”” Lu yubai nodded seriously. ”

“He glanced at ye Xingxing’s shocked expression and knew what she was thinking about earlier and what she was surprised about at this moment. However, he did not intend to tell her that chief Lu’s words were the same as approving the love report. ”