Chapter 1869: Announcing my love to the world (29)

“This time, ye Xingxing deliberately sat still for a while to make sure that Lu yubai had really left before getting up. Her clothes were gone, so she took one of Lu yubai’s shirts and put it on before stepping out of the door in her slippers. ”

“To his surprise, he saw Lu yubai making breakfast in the kitchen. ”

“She walked over quietly and smacked him from behind, trying to give him a shock.””Ah!!”” ”

“However, Lu yubai was very calm. He smiled without turning his head.””Childish.”” ”

“””I didn’t know you could fry eggs,”” ye Xingkong said with a silly smile.””And you did it so well. Could it be that you used to be a cook?”” ”

She really didn’t expect that a handsome man wearing an apron and cooking in the kitchen could also exude an alluring hormonal aura.

“She moved closer to him. Wearing his shirt, her long, fair legs were exposed, but they were extremely enchanting. On the White skin of her neck and collarbones, there were hickeys that were faintly visible. ”

“Lu yubai’s eyes flashed with a Dark flame of desire. His eyes were as deep as a pool of water as he looked at her. He reached out and pointed at her nose.””Go and sit down. You’ll be able to eat soon.”” ”

“””It looks so tempting, but one might not be enough. Do you want to fry two for me?”” As soon as she finished speaking, a strange sound came from her stomach. She immediately smiled and said,””””See, see, you let me stay at your house and I’m actually this hungry.”” ”

“Lu yubai smiled evilly.””I fed you for the whole night yesterday. I didn’t expect you to be ruthless ye. You were never full.”” ”

“””Nonsense,”” Ye Xingkong patted him again, then walked out. ”

“After a while, Lu yubai came out with food. ”

“She really had two eggs, a piece of ham, and a glass of milk. ”

“””It seems to be a hundred points. Is today the day of the college entrance examination? If that’s the case, let’s cheer up the children who are taking the college entrance examination. “” ”

“””Your performance last night was 100 points too.”” ”

“Ye Xingxing almost bit his tongue. He warned, “”You’re not allowed to mention last night again, or I’ll go home. “” ”

“Lu yubai cut a small piece of egg and placed it near her mouth with a fork.””””Open your mouth,”” ”

Ye Xingkong put his food in his mouth and gave his own to Lu yubai.

“As the two fed each other, ye Xingxing suddenly realized something important.””Um … Did you take any protection yesterday? should we go buy some medicine?”” ”

“One of the previous two times was during the safe period, and the other time, she had taken precautions. ”

“””It can’t be such a coincidence,”” Lu yubai said as he looked at her. ”

“””What if … By accident …”” Ye Xingguang thought for a moment.””Why don’t you go and buy me some medicine?”” ”

“Lu yubai paused. His handsome face was as calm as water, and his tone was a little serious.””Taking medicine is not good for the body. I’ll be more careful in the future.”” ”

“””Alright,”” ye Xingkong compromised.””We won’t eat then. I don’t think we should be so lucky.”” ”

“At this moment, the door was opened and Lu Jin walked in. He happened to hear their last conversation and asked after greeting them,””””What won’t be so lucky?”” ”

“Ye Xingxing awkwardly changed the topic. “”We’re talking about a set of clothes. It’s super nice. I told him to buy it for your brother, but he said it should be sold out. I told him that we wouldn’t be so lucky. It’s not a limited edition.”” ”

“Lu Jin sized up Lu yubai from head to toe.””””By the way, big brother, you look handsome no matter what you wear. No one can compare to you!”” ”

“””What’s the matter?””Lu yubai raised his eyebrows and looked at her. ”

“When their Princess Lu praised someone, it was definitely not a good thing! ”